Your Rights in the Workplace

We spend most of our days at workits inevitable we find ourselves with questions about the laws that affect so many aspects of the workplace. Find your answers here, in Nolos comprehensive guide to law for employees.
This easy-to-read book covers all the most common issues youre likely to run into at work, including time off for family medical emergencies, wages, overtime, harassment, health insurance, safety, and unemployment benefits. And because the answers to many workplace questions about the law depend on what state youre in, helpful tables show how each state handles important issues.
The law is changing constantly, and thats especially true when it comes to employment law. New laws, discussed in Your Rights in the Workplace, address genetic testing, continued healthcare benefits after you leave an employer (COBRA), family medical leave, and much more.
Read the book here for free, and if youd like your own copy (in print or as a downloadable eBook), please visit our store.

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