PayPal Auction Tools and Integration

PayPal is fully integrated with other popular auction management software, and its manual, the Website Payments Standard Integration Guide, explains all of the tools and methods by which you can coordinate PayPal into your auction experience. In addition to the invoicing wizards described above, these Auction Tools include:

  • Logo insertion. Using PayPal’s logo insertion, system, the PayPal logo is automatically inserted in your eBay auction listing.

  • Seller Protection. PayPal’s Seller Protection system includes anti-fraud protection and a dispute resolution process

  • Buyer Protection. PayPal’s Buyer Protection program prevents unauthorized payments from a PayPal account, provides a dispute resolution process, and offers up to $1,000 in buyer protection with sellers who participate in the Buyer Protection Program. To qualify, sellers must meet certain qualifications, including at least a 98% positive feedback rating.

  • Reporting tools. PayPal’s extensive reporting tools enable you to download and keep track of your eBay transactions and payment history.

  • Refund tool. PayPal’s refund tool makes it fairly simple to provide refunds when necessary.

  • PayPal shipping services. These services are described in more detail in Shipping and Returns.

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