eBay Basic Store Information Intake

Edit Basic Information

  • Choose your theme and display layout; eBay offers various choices.

  • Pick your photo logo and/or artwork; you can link to or upload your own artwork and imagery.

  • Create store categories for your inventory. These categories don't need to match eBay categories; as eBay suggests, think of your store categories like aisles in a store and organize accordingly. Have fun with personalized categories such as "World's Friendliest Eye Glass Cases" or "Nearly Unbreakable Vases."

  • Add your fixed-price inventory listings (keep in mind you have two choices — regular fixed-price (BIN) that appear as auctions and Store Inventory fixed-price items, as described above — and choose their duration.

  • Use the eBay Store toolkit (see next page) for more help in building, promoting, and managing your store.

  • Finally, review the eBay Store Checklist for Success for ideas on customizing display settings, building your brand, highlighting items among other tips.

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