How to Open a Store

Before opening a store, you must have a feedback rating of 20 or higher, and you must be registered as an eBay seller, which requires that you have a credit card on file with eBay. (For more on feedback and seller requirements, see Welcome to eBay.) Additionally, although not a requirement, experienced eBay sellers would strongly recommend that you have a PayPal account that permits you to accept credit card payments. (For more on PayPal, see PayPal Basics.)

When you are ready, setting up a store is fairly straightforward and can literally be done in minutes. One of the nicest features is that you can set it up in a few minutes but come back over and over to tweak the appearance, just like a real store.

Also, just like opening a real store, you can best prepare by thinking through your store concept or brand and organizing the items you want to sell. For example, if this were a brick-and-mortar store, what would you call it, how would your organize the items (think of your categories for shelving), and how would you price items?
Here are the steps to take:

  • Go to the eBay Homepage, click "Stores," (under the search box), then click "Open a Store."

  • Review and (assuming you agree with the terms) accept the user agreement.

  • Choose the store subscription level: Basic ($15.95 per month); Premium ($49.95 per month), or Anchor Store ($29.95 per month). If in doubt, start with the Basic Store — you can always upgrade later.

  • Enter your store name and give it a description. This information can be changed at any time. For advice on the legal aspects of naming your business, review this Nolo article.

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