What's It Cost to Create and Run a Store?

Like selling at eBay auctions, an eBay store has its own set of fees, starting with a subscription fee for opening and maintaining the store, as well as inventory and transaction fees for the items listed and sold.

Subscription fees. If you decide to open an eBay store, you have a choice of three subscription levels:

  • The Basic Store, with charges of $15.95 per month, is the most affordable store, and comes with five customizable web pages and a free subscription to Selling Manager, a solid sales management tool that lets you easily track your store sales; think of it as a seriously enhanced version of My eBay.

  • The Premium Store, with charges of $49.95 per month, comes with 10 customizable web pages, a free subscription to Selling Manager Pro, and traffic and sales reports. A Premium Store's name sometimes appears in the "Shop eBay Stores" search results page at the U.S. and Canadian sites (instead of just the U.S. site), so increased exposure is an additional benefit of this subscription level.

  • The Anchor Store, with charges of $299.95 per month, comes with 15 customizable Web pages, a free subscription to Selling Manager Pro, traffic and sales reports, and one gigabyte of free picture storage, and has the increased exposure of the Premium Store. This subscription level also includes access to 24-hour customer support.

Inventory fees. In addition to monthly subscription fees, you must also pay fees to eBay for your Store Inventory listings. These fees apply to all non-auction fixed-price listings at your eBay store under the Store Inventory system (described above) and are charged once for 30-day listings and every 30 days for "Good 'Til Cancelled" listings. For store listings, items priced $25 or less are charged a $.03 insertion fee; items priced between $25 and $199 have an insertion fee of $.05; and anything over that has an insertion fee of $.10.

Fees on sales. If an item is sold at your eBay store, eBay collects a Final Value Fee (FVF).

  • Items at or below $25. The FVF equals 12% of the closing price and does not include shipping and handling charges?.

  • Items over $25 to $100. The FVF equals 12% of the first $25 plus 8% of the balance.

  • Items between $100 to $1,000. The FVF equals 12% of the first $25, plus 8% of the next $75, plus 4% of the remaining balance.

  • Items over $1,000. The FVF equals 12% of the first $25, plus 8% of the next $75, plus 4% of the next $900, plus 2% of the remaining balance.

Pay attention to store referral credits. Like every other site on the Internet, eBay is interested in expanding its audience. If your efforts bring a buyer from outside of eBay, you may be eligible to get back 75% of the FVF charged on an item from eBay. eBay has a set of FAQs explaining this store referral credit, but the three main requirements are:

  • The purchase must be made by a buyer who came directly to your store from a location outside eBay — that is, from a website in which "eBay.com" is not part of the web address.

  • The buyer came to your eBay store as a result of a promotion you posted outside of eBay — for example, by clicking on a link at another website.

  • The buyer must purchase the item from your store during the same session in which he or she entered it — that is, the buyer cannot leave your store and return later to make the purchase.

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