After you load your photos, eBay asks for pricing information. Keep in mind that your pricing decisions affect your insertion fees (as discussed in the section on fees, below).

Choosing Your Price at eBay

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Starting price. The starting price is the amount at which you want bidding to begin. If you are using a reserve price, you should use a low starting price — for example, $.99.

Reserve price. The reserve price (optional) is the lowest price you are willing to accept for the item. If the bidding doesn't surpass your reserve, you don't have to sell the item (though you can offer the highest bidder a Second Chance Offer). The reserve price is your secret; bidders don't see it unless you choose to disclose it in your description. The eBay fee for the reserve price is refunded if the item sells.

Pricing strategy. If you do some research and you are comfortable with the prices similar items sell for, a good strategy is to price the item at a low minimum bid and not use a reserve price, because many bidders stay away from auctions with reserves. (For this reason, you will often see sellers advertise "NR" or "no reserve" in their titles). If you are concerned you won't make your money back, you can also try a higher starting price. On the other hand, it's wise to use a reserve for high-ticket one-of-a-kind items, because it guarantees you won't take a bath if the auction bidding doesn't proceed as expected.

Buy It Now (BIN) price. If you use this feature, a buyer can purchase your item immediately at your BIN price. You can use BIN in online auctions, or you can choose it for a fixed price sale or online store. When you use BIN in connection with an auction, the BIN feature stays on the site until the first bid is made, after which it is no longer available. If you want to use BIN without an auction, you must have a minimum feedback score of 10 or you must be ID Verified.

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