What Are People Buying on eBay? cont.

eBay Pulse. The free eBay Pulse page analyzes eBay member searches and compiles the data to give you an idea of what's hot at eBay. (You can find it on the left navigation bar on the eBay home page.) eBay Pulse also shows you the most-watched items. By clicking on the drop-down menu (shown below), you can pick a category and see what's hot in that category.

Example: eBay pulse

eBay Pulse

Popular keywords. Another way to analyze searching behavior is to check out the Popular keywords feature, where you can see what keyword terms eBay buyers are using to search for items. Of particular interest are the Top Category keywords.

Here, you can click on any of the categories on the left side of the page to find out what buyers are searching for in particular categories. For example, if you clicked on the China & Dinnerware subcategory of Pottery & Glass, you might see a screen like the one shown below. That would let you know what styles (art deco, chintz), what items (cookie jars, teapots), and what brands (Red Wing, Roseville, Wedgewood) are desired by buyers. You can click any of the keywords to see the items currently offered for sale to give you an idea of the bidding activity. You can also make a "Completed Listings Only" search using the same keyword to see what percentage of items sell and at what prices.

Popular Keywords

Popular Products page. eBay also maintains a Popular Products page. Check that out if you'd like to see the top ten selling items in various categories selected by eBay.

Other eBay sellers. You're unlikely to get merchandise leads from eBay sellers. eBay members are willing to share lots of information — you may get advice about fraudulent drop-shippers or bad manufacturers or distributors — but don't expect to get tips about where to buy merchandise. Supplier information is considered a trade secret.

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