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My eBay

Every eBay member has a private My eBay page, which tracks recent transactions and advises you when action is needed — for example, when you need to provide feedback or respond to a seller inquiry.

Consider the My eBay page a basic auction management tool. eBay provides an overview of how to manage your My eBay. If you're a medium-to-high volume seller, you may find it limiting because it cannot automate common transactions. For example, it does not provide templates for email responses or allow you to print invoices in bulk. In that case, you may wish to subscribe to one of the management programs described in Chapter 11, Auction Management Tools.

Some of the more popular tools are Selling Manager and its upgraded version, Selling Manager Pro, both subscription services owned by eBay. If you subscribe, Selling Manager will replace your basic My eBay page information with its more advanced template, which operates like a dashboard for your eBay activities.

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