Check It Out: The eBay Homepage

eBay Home Page

You can get to the eBay homepage by typing into your browser. The eBay home page consists of five major components: a navigation bar, a search box, a My eBay section, advertisements, and side menus.

homepage navigation bar

Navigation bar. Use the top navigation bar to access launch pages for buying and selling and for reaching a customizable My eBay page, the eBay Community page (for accessing other members), and the main Help page.


home page search box

Search box. You can use the search box to find items currently offered for auction (click "Advanced Search" for more searching choices).


home page my ebay

My eBay. When you sign in on the home page, eBay provides a window to your eBay account, known as My eBay, including buying, selling and watching reminders.


home page advertisements

Advertisements. Advertisements for eBay merchandise or special eBay member offers are peppered throughout eBay, including the home page.


Side menus. Use the side menus to find eBay's specialty sites, eBay categories, and other eBay services, some of which are described in more detail below. 

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