What This Book Does. The goal of this book is to help you transition from being a casual eBay user who enjoys eBay as a hobby to an experienced eBay member who runs a successful eBay business. To accomplish this goal, the book covers the basics of both operating on eBay and small business ownership, including strategies for reducing your liabilities, protecting your assets, and enjoying the tax benefits available to you.

The Basics. Chances are that many of you are already familiar with eBay and won't need much of the basic information about getting started. But in case you've had little exposure to the world's greatest auction site, this chapter provides straightforward information about registering, navigating around the eBay site, getting started as a seller and buyer, getting help, and learning about the specialty sites owned by eBay.

Need Help With Practical Matters? If you want advice on buying packing material and mailers in bulk, shipping, or other eBay tips, check out eBay's Seller Information Center.

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