Before You Hire a Friend or Family Member for Your eBay Business

Many eBay businesses employ family or friends. But when you are trying to find the right person for the job, take it slow when hiring friends or family members.

Many business owners have a sad tale to tell about hiring a friend or family member, only to find that their new worker — while pleasant enough in a social context — was never going to be a serious competitor for employee of the month. Here are some questions to think about before asking a friend or family member to join your eBay business.

Is the person qualified? Relatives and friends are easy to hire and hard to fire. Consider asking friends or family members to work on a specific project or for a defined period of time to avoid painful terminations if things don’t pan out.

How will it affect family finances? Don’t bring in a spouse or other relative until you project the short- and long-term impact on your family balance sheet. If your spouse leaves a day job to work for your eBay business, it may cast a shadow over the family’s financial picture and negatively affect your personal relationship, credit rating, tax deductions, and benefits.

Does the friend or family member share your vision? You can’t expect your friends and family to be as driven as you about your eBay business, but it helps if the person working with you believes in what you’re doing. A shared vision can promote your business and strengthen your relationship; a lack of interest can cause resentment. Keep in mind that fair compensation of family and friends is important, because otherwise, friends and relatives that work for you will resent your success.

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