Three Reasons to Keep Your Day Job

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 Losing a regular paycheck is the obvious downside to leaving your day job. Many entrepreneurs rely on steady income from their job while reaching profitability in their eBay business. However, there are other benefits of holding a regular job:

  • Your credit rating. Having a day job makes it easier to borrow money and get credit cards and loans.

  • Your tax deductions. At tax time, you can deduct your business losses from your day job income.

  • Your benefits (tangible and intangible). You've probably already thought about health and dental insurance. Depending on your position, you may also be walking away from unvested stock options, the benefit of earning sick and vacation days, pension plans, matching funds for a 401(k) and discounts at Great America. (Keep in mind that  purloined office supplies are not a job benefit. See below.) And while you may be tired of the co-worker in the office next to you, you could come to miss collaborating and socializing with others in your workplace.

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