Buying a Car on eBay Motors

Buying basics. You can pick up all the basics for buying at eBay Motors at the How to Buy page. Some good news for car buyers: eBay offers free Vehicle Purchase Protection for up to $20,000 or the vehicle purchase price, whichever is lower. Check for eligibility.

Search and you will find. Searching for vehicles and auto parts is similar to searching at the regular eBay auction site, with a few variations. You can use the advanced search feature, in which you search using common keywords or brands such as "Chevrolet" or terms such as "Z4," or you may have better luck using the eBay Motors Categories search page (see below), in which you choose from a series of drop-down menus or enter information. If you want to find all the Honda minivans within 100 miles of your city, it's easy.

eBay Motors Category Search Page

ebay motors

Paying for the purchase. Payment — at least a deposit, comprising a partial payment — is expected with 72 hours after the sale. Buyers can use PayPal for the deposit. Then buyer and seller must work out payment of the balance. Most sellers require a certified check, money order, or some type of financing. And wouldn’t you know it? eBay offers financing through the eBay Financing Center. Once the purchase is completed, the seller transfers title to the buyer, who must pay all required taxes on the vehicle.

Honk! Honk! Your car has arrived. Commonly, the buyer must make delivery arrangements and pay for picking up or shipping the vehicle. Some sellers provide estimates of shipping costs to various locations around the country. eBay also suggests a shipping service, Dependable Auto Shippers, which can provide an online quote for shipment.

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