Your eBay Business Is an Extension of You

Besides powerful community support and cohesion, the other underlying factor that contributes to the success of an eBay business is a strong sense of personality. As most bricks-and-mortar retailers quickly learn when they try to move their businesses online, eBay is a whole different ballgame. While it may seem counterintuitive, sales transactions on eBay tend to be more personal, and customers expect a heightened level of service and attention. However, the rewards from these personal interactions can be great, because those interactions lead to trust — and trust leads to increased business.

As you peruse eBay stores and online auctions, you will see this personal touch over and over. Keep in mind that eBay is a global marketplace where many sellers have access to similar merchandise. When prices are similar, buyers rely on personal and sometimes intangible factors to distinguish among sellers.

As you will see, many of the decisions you make when setting up your eBay business require a personal touch — for example, the name of your eBay store, the colors you choose for the background of a particular auction, the type of merchandise you sell, the size of the lettering in your listings, the quality of your images, and even your choice of username. From top to bottom, each eBay business is a unique mix of branding and personal identity. When in doubt as to what course to take with your eBay business, it's always best to choose the route that's most comfortable for your personality. Your choices may not always lead to short-term profits, but letting your business reflect who you are is more likely to provide personal satisfaction, steady income, and longevity as a business.

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