Additional Resources

Throughout the chapter we've cited resources for more information about of DUI law Here are a few additional references dedicated to specific subjects:

  • Medical-Legal Aspects of Alcohol, edited by James C. Garriott (Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company).
  • Intoxication Test Evidence, by Edward F. Fitzgerald (Thompson). This book is a treatment of breath, blood, and urine tests. It takes you even deeper than the other general-purpose books.
  • Innovative DUI Trial Tools, by Bruck Kapsack. For more information about this book, see

You may find these books in a law library but more likely you'd have to purchase them (try Amazon). These books for lawyers typically cost $100 or more, but $100 may be a steal if it can help you (or your lawyer) win your DUI case.

In addition to the resources mentioned here and throughout this chapter, you will learn more about your situation by researching your state's DUI laws. See the end of Chapter 2 for help with legal research.

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