"Absolute" Speed Limits

You may skip this section if you were ticketed on a road covered by a "presumed" speed limit.

When you're charged with exceeding a posted speed limit in an area where the limit is "absolute," the law is simple. You are guilty if you drive over the speed limit.

Your only defenses are:

  • Attacking the officer's determination of your speed. To do this you must discover what method the officer used to cite you and then learn about the ways to attack that particular method.
  • Claiming an emergency forced you to exceed the speed limit to avoid serious damage or injury to yourself or others.
  • Claiming that the officer mistook your car for another car. With so many similar-looking cars, it is possible that a cop could see a speeding car, lose sight of it around a corner, and then wrongly pick out your car farther down the road.

In Chapter 6 we will help you build your defense by showing you how to challenge all common methods used to determine whether you were speeding. These methods will work whether you were ticketed in an "absolute" or "presumed" speeding area.

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