Finding and Renting Space for Your Business FAQ

Are commercial lease terms negotiable?

Most landlords start out asking for lease terms that aren't in a business owner's best interest, but they are almost always willing to make concessions. Of course, your bargaining power depends on your local rental market -- if the market is tight, you won't have a lot of leverage.

Even when the rent isn't negotiable, your landlord may agree to limit annual rent increases and possibly pay for utilities, repairs, taxes, and insurance. You might also be able to negotiate a shorter lease term, perhaps with one or two options to renew the lease, and the authority to sublease or assign the space. Finally, landlords are often willing to pay for necessary improvements to the building before you move in, especially if you agree to sign a long-term lease.

For more information about negotiating your business lease, see Commercial Leases: Negotiate the Best Terms.

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