Final Arrangements FAQ

What details should I include in a final arrangements document?

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What details should I include in a final arrangements document?

What you choose to include is a personal matter likely to be dictated by custom, religious preference, or simply your own whims. A typical final arrangements document might include:

  • whether you want your remains to be buried or cremated
  • the name of the mortuary or other institution that will handle burial or cremation
  • whether or not you want your body to be embalmed
  • the type of casket or container in which your remains will be buried or cremated, including whether you want it present at any after-death ceremony
  • the details of any ceremony you want before the burial or cremation
  • who your pallbearers will be if you wish to have some
  • how your remains will be transported to the cemetery and gravesite
  • where your remains will be buried, stored, or scattered
  • the details of any ceremony you want to accompany your burial, interment, or scattering, and
  • the details of any marker you want to show where your remains are buried or interred.

For more guidance, see Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service.

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