Fast-Track Foreclosures of Abandoned Homes

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Some homeowners leave their homes before the foreclosure process has finished. In the foreclosure world, these are called "abandoned" homes. In some states the foreclosure process can drag on for many months or even years, and when homes sit vacant during this time period it can bring down propery values in the surrounding neighborhood, attract vandals, and cause other problems. For this reason, some states have enacted fast-track foreclosure laws which expedite the foreclosure process when a homeowner abandons the home.

Fast-track foreclosures can be a good thing for both the neighborhood and the homeowner that moved out. But sometimes lenders fast-track a foreclosure when the homeowner has not yet moved out. Below you can learn about fast-track foreclosure laws in different states and what you can do to avoid an expedited foreclosure when you have not yet moved out. 

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