Do Property Managers Sign the Lease or Rental Agreement?

Information on property managers to include in your lease.

Typically, it’s the landlord or property owner who signs a lease or rental agreement with tenants. For small rental properties, the owner and manager may be the same person. Landlords or larger properties may hire a resident property manager or a property management company to handle various landlording tasks; in these cases, the manager would not typically sign the lease or rental agreement. But it’s the law in many states, and a good idea in all, to give tenants information about anyone, such as a manager, whom you authorize to receive notices, such as a tenant’s notice to end a tenancy. You would typically provide this information in a lease clause called “Authority to Receive Legal Papers.” If you designate a manager to receive legal papers, make sure they are available to tenants for this purpose. And with all manager responsibilities, make sure you have a clear agreement with your manager as to all their responsibilities, their schedule, pay, and other important terms. You can use Nolo’s Residential Rental Property Manager Agreement for this purpose. See the Nolo article How to Hire a Resident Property Manager for more on the subject.

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