Dealing With Your Insurance Company FAQ

How do I make a formal claim for compensation for my injuries?

After you decide which insurance company (or companies) should pay for your injuries, and you gather all the evidence you need to establish your claim, you must send the insurance company a demand letter. This letter is a critical element of your claim negotiation process, so it is essential that you write it carefully and well. In your demand letter, you set out your strongest arguments concerning:

  • why the insured person is legally responsible for your injuries
  • what your injuries were and are
  • what kind of medical treatment you've had and how much it cost
  • what your income loss was
  • what other damages you suffered, and
  • if you have no-fault automobile insurance, why you qualify to make a claim against the insured person.

Your letter should conclude with a demand on the insurance company for a lump sum to settle your entire claim. For more information, see Write a Winning Demand Letter.

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