Dealing With Your Insurance Company FAQ

What guidelines should I follow when another person's insurance company calls me to talk about my injuries?

After you notify others that you've been hurt in an accident and intend to file an injury claim, you may receive phone calls from one or more insurance companies that want to talk to you about what happened. In these first conversations -- which will most likely occur before you file your claim for compensation (called a "demand letter") -- you should abide by the following principles:

  • remain calm and polite
  • identify the person you're speaking with, the company he or she represents, and the person who is insured
  • give limited personal information (your name, address, and phone number is sufficient)
  • do not give details about the accident or your injuries
  • resist any push to settle your claim immediately
  • set limits on further phone contact, and
  • take notes about any important information you received during the phone call, as well as whatever information you gave to or requests you made of the insurance adjuster.

Remembering these important rues will help you maintain your chances of receiving a good settlement for your injury claim. To learn more, read Insurance Adjusters: First Discussions.

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