Dealing With Collection Agencies FAQ

A bill collector insisted that I wire the money I owe through Western Union. Am I required to do so?

No. Many collectors, especially when a debt is more than 90 days past due, will suggest that you make an "urgency payment," by doing things like:

  • sending money by express or overnight mail, which will add at least $10 to your bill
  • wiring money through Western Union's Quick Collect or American Express's Moneygram,¬†another waste of money, or
  • putting your payment on a credit card -- you'll never get out of debt if you do this.

Mailing your payment with a first-class stamp is fine. Or, pay by debit card or check card -- but first ask if the creditor will charge a fee. If you send your payment through the mail, you may receive further phone calls from the collector until the creditor receives and processes your payment.

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