How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

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What Is the Price of Divorce?

Approximately 2 million couples tie the knot annually in the U.S., while approximately 900,000 couples legally untie it.1 As the graphic above, explains, the median financial cost of uniting each couple is $25,000 while the cost of divorce hovers at around $4,000. Nolo's survey of divorcing couples also determined that for most couples, the divorce procedure took 10 months (compared to the average of 13 – 18 months that most couples spent preparing for their wedding2). The hourly rates charged by divorce attorneys also reflects the average for all U.S. lawyers3  -- somewhere between $150 and $350 per hour depending on region and experience, with the most common rate being $250 per hour. Finally, the survey reflected what most people expected, that the more complex (and longer) the divorce, the less satisfaction with the result.

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