Can I Sue My Landlord for Refusing to Provide Locks and Security Devices?

Understand landlord liability for crime on the rental property.

Landlords in most states have some degree of legal responsibility to provide secure housing and to protect their tenants from assaults, break ins, and other crimes on the rental property. These responsibilities are covered under local and state building codes and laws, and, with increasing frequency, court decisions. Tenant lawsuits for injuries and property losses from criminal acts have become more and more common, with some court settlements and jury awards in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here are your various tenant options, including suing your landlord in court, for dealing with security problems.

Check Landlord Security Responsibilities Under State and Local Laws

 Some cities ordinances require peepholes, dead bolt locks, and specific types of lighting. And a few states, such as Texas (Tex. Prop. Code § §â

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