Bankruptcy and Your Credit FAQ

Can I improve my credit score after bankruptcy?

Even though bankruptcy remains on your credit report for up to ten years, you can start rebuilding your credit right away. Credit scoring companies look at several factors when computing your score:

  • payment history (whether you pay bills late or have filed for bankruptcy)
  • outstanding debt
  • length of credit history, and
  • how much new credit you have applied for.

(For details on each of these factors, see our Credit Scores area.)

You can start to improve your credit after bankruptcy by making all of your payments on time. Keep your debt load low, especially as compared to your available credit.  And when you are ready, get a credit card, make small charges, and pay the bill off in full every month. 

To learn more, see How Can I Raise My Credit Score After Bankruptcy? Or visit Nolo’s Rebuilding & Improving Credit topic area.

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