Will Ferguson & Associates Attorneys At Law

Will Ferguson & Associates Attorneys At Law

If you were injured in New Mexico and need a personal injury lawyer, Will Ferguson & Associates can help. Our New Mexico attorneys serve clients throughout all of New Mexico, helping victims recover fair compensation for their injuries.

Firm Overview

We are New Mexico's largest and most successful personal injury law firm, with offices near Uptown Albuquerque, on Albuquerque's West Side and soon in Carlsbad, N.M.

Our unmatched success in recovering large verdicts and settlements since 1983 speaks volumes about the quality of our litigation for serious accidents and negligence.

We have the highest attorney rankings (Martindale Hubbell "AV") from our peers, but the best judgment of our work comes from our clients.

We pride ourselves on referrals from clients who trusted us during extremely trying periods of their lives
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Auto Accident
As your counsel, it's our goal to identify all sources of compensation for your medical expenses. You may be entitled to compensation from the uninsured motorists and under-insured motorist provisions in your automobile policy.
It's a simple fact that most drivers will be in an auto accident or truck accident at some point in their lives. We hope your worst accident resulted in no injuries and only minor repairs to your car.

But it's a sad fact that because of high speeds, driver fatigue and the volume of heavy truck traffic on them, accidents on some of New Mexico's major highways, including I-40, I-25, I-10, U.S. 550, U.S. 285, U.S. 84, U.S. 60 and U.S. 70, can have devastating consequences. We have expertise in this area of the law.

If you're searching for legal representation because you or a member of your family were involved in a serious accident and suffered a serious personal injury or wrongful death, our top-rated personal injury lawyers can help.

If your injury was the result of a construction accident you may have additional product liability or premises liability claim.

Was a big-rig truck or semi-tractor trailer truck involved in your accident? Many times errors can be traced to driver fatigue, lack of experience or poor training and supervision by the trucking company.

If you're undergoing long and difficult medical treatments and bills are piling up while your income dwindles, our top-rated New Mexico personal injury lawyers can help. With more than 20 years of experience litigating cases involving motor vehicle accidents, we are prepared to handle the most challenging cases, including those involving:

Where we practice:
Our law firm takes auto and truck accident cases from across New Mexico, including some of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the state:

Albuquerque, where auto accidents tend to take place on I-40 and I-25. High speeds coupled with traffic back-ups at major cross street exits are a dangerous mix that lead to rear-end collisions fraught with possible severe injuries.
Santa Fe, where a large volume of auto traffic into and out of town along I-25 and U.S. 84/285 can turn a morning commute into an accident nightmare. Interstate 25 near Santa Fe has been the scene of multiple fatalities involving wrong-way drunk drivers. The Santa Fe Bypass, N.M. Hwy. 599, has been the site of high-speed crashes that have led local authorities to modernize surface intersections to cut down on T-bone accidents.
Carlsbad, where U.S. 285, U.S. 62 and U.S. 180 converge in town. The mix of local traffic with long-haul truck traffic being funneled through intersections in town has spawned serious auto and truck accidents with injuries.
Santa Rosa, where cross-country semi-tractor trailer trucks can routinely top 85 miles an hour as they race across the western edge of the Great Plains, can wreak havoc on auto traffic on both sides of the interstate. There have been too many truck and auto collisions to count, some of which have been caused by truck driver fatigue and faulty equipment, including blowouts.
Grants, where accidents involving trucks that leave their lanes during the winding climb up and over the Continental Divide can do devastation to auto drivers and passengers.
Gallup, where auto and truck crashes just east of the Arizona-New Mexico border have claimed multiple lives.
Moriarty, the last rural truck stop area east of Albuquerque, where Interstate 40 intersects with N.M. Hwy. 68. This stretch of I-40 carries a mix of heavily loaded long-haul cross-country trucks, Albuquerque-bound auto traffic and rural farm traffic. There have been numerous fatal collisions in this area. The danger continues west as I-40 descends steeply through Tiijeras Canyon into the Rio Grande Valley and into Albuquerque itself.

Was your accident caused by a drunk driver?
Under the laws of New Mexico, it's illegal to drive any motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drunk driving liability applies not only to car accidents and truck crashes but also to accidents involving planes, golf carts, boats, buses, motorhomes, ATVs and construction equipment.

When investigating the circumstances leading to a car or truck accident, our lawyers and accident investigators stay alert for evidence of drug or alcohol abuse. If we discover that you or a loved one were the victim of a drunk driver, it's our mission to see you recover maximum compensation. For example, a dram shop claim is a lawsuit filed against a bar, restaurant or airline that was negligent when it served liquor.

Talk to a personal injury attorney at no cost:
Following a truck, motorcycle or car accident, it is important to take early measures to see that you recover all insurance benefits and other compensation you are entitled to. If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney with our firm, please call 1-800-251-5566 or email our Albuquerque office to arrange a free consultation and case review.

At Will Ferguson & Associates, our job is to handle financial and legal issues for our clients, allowing them to focus on healing. A lawyer with relevant experience will explain your legal position and your options.
Personal Injury
Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases. As New Mexico's most successful law office, Will Ferguson & Associates is a recognized expert in this field. Other lawyers have rated our firm as preeminent, the highest possible rating given.
We perform a thorough investigation of the accident, seeking compensation from insurance companies and the negligent party. We are always ready to go to trial if it is in your interest.

Actions taken early in a personal injury legal case may be critical to the outcome. As soon as our lawyers accept a case, we take steps to preserve evidence, get witness statements, evaluate the extent of our client's losses, and handle all communications with insurance companies.

Spinal Cord Injury:
An attorney's role in the event of a catastrophic accident is to describe that loss - paraplegia, quadriplegia or another degree of paralysis or injury - in financial terms. Financial compensation will determine your ability to receive care, live with dignity, and take advantage of future medical advances.

At Will Ferguson & Associates, our attorneys have access to expert resources necessary to recover full and fair compensation for victims of spinal cord injuries. We understand that these are difficult cases, and our firm supports our clients by hiring top medical, life-care and economic experts.

Traumatic Brain Injury:
When massive head trauma causes a coma or permanent amnesia, or leaves the victim dependent on others for simple daily care, we may be able to help the victim receive compensation. Our law firm works with economic and health care experts to determine the loss suffered by the victim and the victim's family. It's important to know that immediately after a serious accident, a closed head injury or simple concussion may not appear to be serious.

Premises Liability:
A slip and fall accident can be serious and cause damage to the back, neck, spinal cord or hip. Slip and fall accidents fall under premises liability. They can require extensive medical attention and lead to financial difficulties. If your fall was due to unsafe conditions, you may have a claim against the owner or manager of the property.

Scarring that follows a burn injury not only causes disfigurement, but serves as a lifelong reminder of the pain and trauma the victim endured while healing. At Will Ferguson & Associates, our personal injury attorneys are committed to helping our clients recover maximum compensation for such devastating injuries.

Wrongful Death:
The loss of any human life in a fatal accident is tragic. However, it is particularly distressing for a family to realize that their loved one's death resulted from another's negligence. If you have lost a family member, we extend our sincere sympathy. As lawyers, we cannot turn back the clock, but we can hold those responsible accountable for your loss and help you pursue the compensation you need to rebuild your life.

Other types of personal injury legal claims include:
Auto and Trucking Accidents
Roadway Defects
Auto Defects
Motorcycle Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Abuse
Explosions and Fires
Government Liability in New Mexico
Aviation Accidents
Bad Faith Insurance
Construction Accidents
Workplace Accidents
Oil Field Accidents
Product Liability
Legal Malpractice
Animal Attacks

Will Ferguson

Will Ferguson, managing partner of Will Ferguson & Associates, is a specialist in personal injury law who has devoted his legal career to representing families of people who have been injured or killed through the negligent behavior of others.

Will was born in New York City in 1948. He served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force from 1971 to 1976. He was admitted to the New Mexico State Bar in 1974 and practices law in New Mexico's state and federal courts.

Will attended the University of Exeter in Devon, England. He graduated from Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C., with a Bachelor Degree in 1971 and obtained a J.D. degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1974. After separation from the Air Force and a short stint as an entertainment lawyer, Will started his own firm in 1983, limiting his practice exclusively to personal-injury law.

At Will Ferguson & Associates, Will has built a firm and a practice that welcomes complicated, complex or unusual liability claims, including mass tort and malpractice litigation. The firm's presence in New Mexico is growing dynamically. He and his wife Sarah, also a lawyer (J.D. Yale, 1993) and of counsel to the firm, have three young children.

An avid sports car enthusiast, Will helped develop Sandia Motorsports Park, New Mexico's largest auto-racing venue. He is also a founder of a commercial bank in Albuquerque, Bank 1st, and is a principal in Motiva Performance Engineering, an automotive performance shop. Over his career, Will has litigated or managed plaintiffs' cases involving more than 2,000 personal-injury claims. He is delighted when, on occasion, his trial practice takes him to the classic old courthouses in the small-town county seats of rural New Mexico. He welcomes the chance to personally consult with any claimant or attorney considering a personal-injury claim in any jurisdiction within New Mexico.

Areas of Practice:
Personal Injury
Wrongful Death
Trucking Collisions
Auto/Motorcycle Collisions
Pipeline Explosions
Toxic Torts
Nursing Home Abuse
Medical Malpractice

B.A. Wofford College, 1971
University of New Mexico School of Law, J.D., 1974 University of New Mexico School of Law
University of Exeter, Devon, England

Bar Admissions/Memberships:
New Mexico State Bar, 1974
University of Exeter, 1974
American Justice Association
Former ATLA President's Club
Lawyer-Pilot's Bar Association, (Capt., USAF, 1971-1976).

Lectures/Published work:
Frequent Lecturer, Bad Faith Claims
Author: Comment, Traumatic Neurosis: Illuminating Aladdin's Lamp, University of New Mexico Law Review, May, 1974.

Reported cases:
Eighteen reported New Mexico cases, including Houghland v. Grant, 119 N.M. 422, 891 P.2d 563 (Ct. App. 1995) (hospital made responsible for ER Service MDs); Barth v. Coleman, 118 N.M. 1, 878 P.2d 319 (1994) (reasonable expectations of insureds to govern insurance contract); Salzwedel v. Enerpharm Ltd., 107 N.M. 728, 764 P.2d 499 (Ct. App. 1988) (unrelated purpose exclusion to Workers Comp immunity).
  • University of New Mexico School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 1974