Whitewood Solutions

Whitewood Solutions

Whitewood Solutions specializes in resolving IRS issues in an affordable yet highly effective manner. The "Whitewood Way" begins with us providing every client with a detailed IRS Account Review Report and Resolution Plan at absolutely NO COST.

Firm Overview

Whitewood Solutions has been helping clients across the country resolve their tax problems in an affordable yet highly effective manner that always begins with a FREE Account Review Report using your actual IRS records.

Utilizing our unique "six-step" process, we can ensure that your rights are protected and that you are placed into one of the relief programs available to taxpayers at the IRS level...and that is our GUARANTEE.

Our firm not only helps clients who contact us directly but we also are sent referrals on a daily basis from CPA's, Accountants and other Tax Professionals across the country who trust us to help their clients get out of tax trouble with IRS.

Recently, we have received many new clients who have contacted us to help them fix an error made by their tax preparer or who had hired another "tax help" firm that has either gone out of business or has done absolutely nothing to help them after taking thousands of dollars for a service never rendered. This is extremely disappointing to hear and is also why we urge anyone in tax trouble to contact us for their FREE Account Review Report before they hire anyone...including us.

Unlike many other "so-called" tax help firms, we NEVER charge a fee until our Enrolled Agents have reviewed your actual IRS transcripts and developed a resolution plan on your behalf.

How can anyone tell you what can be done to help your IRS issue after only one phone call? The answer is...they CAN'T!!!

Do not pay a fee to anyone until they have reviewed your actual IRS transcripts and can tell you how they plan to resolve your tax issues.

Whether you need us to release a wage or bank levy, remove a tax lien, negotiate a lower payment plan with IRS, remove penalties form your balances or negotiate a lump-sum settlement with IRS for less than what you owe...we can help!
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Main Office
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Bon Air  VA  23235
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Free Initial Consultation?
ABSOLUTELY!!! We will review your actual IRS records and develop a resolution plan at NO -COST!!!
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
All of our fees are based on a flat-fee arrangement with payment plans available for up to 12 months.

Remember, the initial "Due-Diligence" step is done at NO -COST so you will never pay a dime until we are confident in what we can do to help.
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We represent clients NATIONWIDE from our Richmond, VA headquarters. So, no matter where you are located, we can help!!!

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