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What are the most common financial mistakes made during divorce?

Who gets alimony in Florida and why?

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When parents are not divorced yet, can one parent move with the children out of Florida?

A large part of my husband's income is cash. How do I ensure I get what I deserve?

Will I get to keep my house, car, and property after my divorce in Florida?

What is a marital settlement agreement in a divorce in Florida?

Why should divorcing couples consider mediation in Florida?

Can I go back to my maiden name after my divorce in Florida?

How do I choose a divorce attorney in Florida?

I was abused. What can I do?

How will the Florida court determine where my children should reside after the divorce?

What are grounds for divorce in Florida?

I lost my job and cannot afford my alimony payment. What can I do?

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How is annulment different from divorce?