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The Webb Law Centre, PLLC also represents those people who have been discriminated against in their employment, including retaliatory discharge, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and age discrimination. If you or a loved one have been harassed or abused in the workplace as a result of age or race, The Webb Law Centre, PLLC is here to help.

The Webb Law Centre, PLLC helps families in the areas of domestic relations, divorce and custody in what is now commonly referred to as family law. Attorney Rusty Webb has been practicing in the area of family law, divorce, custody, support, adoption, and other varieties of family law for twenty years. His reputation is the aggressive representation of those who find themselves in divorce situations and require an aggressive, experienced attorney who is also compassionate to the needs of the client and in cases of divorce with children, the needs of the children.
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Personal Injury
Automobile/Truck/Motorcycle Accidents
All too often we, our loved ones, or our friends, are driving down a road or highway complying with the law when a negligent driver causes an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident. These accidents can range from fender benders to death. These cases require experienced and competent counsel to represent the victims of negligent drivers, whether it be simply not paying attention or all the way to a drunk driver causing injury or death.

When you call The Webb Law Centre, PLLC, attorney Rusty Webb meets with you personally, and he will meet with the representative of someone who has died at their home, he will meet with a victim in a hospital, he will travel anywhere where a victim needs to be helped. Once you meet with Mr. Webb you will come away with the confidence that he will put every energy into recovering the maximum that can be recovered resulting from the injuries sustained in the automobile accident.

He has a team of investigators, physicians, and mental health professionals, when necessary, to see to it that you have reached your maximum degree of recovery to recover from the negligent driver who either caused death or injury to you, your loved one, or your co-worker.

Charles "Rusty" Webb


Mr. Webb attended Ohio Northern University, Claude W. Pettit College of Law from 1985 to 1986. During the summer of 1986 he attended the University of Notre Dame's London Law Centre in London, United Kingdom, where he studied international law. Upon returning to the United States, he was accepted to transfer to the West Virginia University College of Law where he graduated with a doctor of juris prudence degree in May of 1987.

Upon graduation, he joined the Charleston law firm of Goodwin and Goodwin, where he practiced corporate and insurance defense law, particularly in the area of class action asbestos defense litigation. During his tenure, he drafted the incorporation documents for the foundation to support the U.S.S. West Virginia, an Ohio-Class ballistic missile submarine, commissioned on October 20, 1990. Also during this time, he drafted the incorporation documents for the formation of the nonprofit corporation for the Governor's Honor's Academy on behalf of Governor Gaston Caperton who founded the Academy.

During the 1989 Legislative Session he was appointed as Committee Counsel to the Finance Committee of the West Virginia House of Delegates. Thereafter, he joined the law firm of R. Joseph Zak and Associates where he practiced primarily divorce, family law, personal injury and criminal defense.

In 1993, he was appointed as Committee Counsel for the Finance Committee in the West Virginia State Senate for the 1993 legislative session. In March, 1993, he then joined the law firm of Pepper and Nason, where he practiced primarily in the areas of divorce and family law, personal injury and criminal defense law.

In February, 1996, he formed and practiced in a partnership where he practiced family law.

In November, 2000, he was appointed as Vice Chair of the West Virginia Child Health Care Commission by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, Elliott E. "Spike" Maynard. The purpose of the Commission was to assist in the development of information and marketing through judicial entities the West Virginia CHIPS Program (Children's Health Insurance Program).

In February, 2006, he established The Webb Law Firm, PLLC, in Charleston, West Virginia in which he practices a variety of law including family and divorce, personal injury, accidents, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, serious medical malpractice, product liability, prescription drug recall, and nursing home abuse and neglect.

In 2007, he was appointed by West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Spike Maynard to the West Virginia bail Bondsman Commission to make recommendations to the West Virginia Supreme Court and the Legislature for uniform rules and regulations regarding Bail Bondsmen.

Mr. Webb has successfully presented a number of Petitions for Appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia on a variety of issues, including breach of trust, criminal defense, child custody modification, spousal support, and distribution of marital assets.

Suffice it to say, it would be hard for any attorney in West Virginia to assert that they have argued more cases before the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia on such a variety of issues as Mr. Webb has in such a relatively short period of practicing law. His published West Virginia Supreme Court opinions include:

Shortt v. Damron, 649 S.E.2d 283 (WV 2009); Stuck v. Stuck, Lexis 218 WV 605, 625 SE2d 363; Lucas v. Lucas, 592 SE2d 646, 212 W. Va. 721; 575 S.E.2d 331, 2002 (W.V. 2003); Hager v. Hager, 591 S.E.2d 177 (WV 2003); State ex rel. Drake v. Hill, 585 S.E.2d 47 (W.V. 2003); W. Va. Dep't of Health & Human Res. v. Lambert; Zirkle v. Zirkle, 208 W. Va. 374, 540 SE2d 591 (WVa 2000); Tom's Convenient Food Mart, Inc. v. West Virginia Human Rights Commission, 206 W.Va. 611, 527 SE2d 155 (WV 1999); Pauley v. Gilbert, 206 W.Va. 114, 522 SE2d 208 (1999); Provident Life & Accident v. Bennett, 199 W.Va. 236, 483 S.E.2d 819 (WV 1997); State v. Jones, 193 W.Va. 378, 456 S.E.2d 459 (WV 1995); Robert Darrell O. v. Theresa An

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