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How to Avoid Mistakes in Your Iowa Workers Comp Case

Category: Legal Topics, Workers Compensation

Here are four mistakes that can cost you in a workers compensation case.



Iowa Dog Injury Laws: Four Things You Should Know

Category: Personal Injury, Personal Injury

This article covers four of the basic legal and financial issues that come about when a dog causes injury to a human being.



Iowa Car Accident Cases: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Category: Car Accident Claims & Injuries, Auto Accident

Every year thousands of Iowans are hurt in car accidents throughout the state of Iowa.  Unfortunately, many end up making costly, but avoidable mistakes.  Here is a list of some of the common


Iowa Injured Workers Bill of Rights

Category: Accident, Workers Compensation

If you've been injured as a result of your employment, you have certain important rights under Iowa's workers compensation laws.


5 Things You Can Do to Receive a Fair and Just Settlement in Your Iowa Motorcycle Accident Case

Category: Accident, Vehicle Accidents


3 Common Questions and Answers in Iowa Workers' Compensation Cases

Category: Employment, Workers Compensation, Iowa

People hurt in Iowa at work often have questions like:

Do I get to see the doctors I want to?

Should the insurance company pay me for my mileage?


Iowa Workers' Compensation & Work Injury: Basic Issues to Look Out For

Category:, State Workmans Comp, Iowa

If you've been injured on the Job in Iowa, then you'll want to get informed on the basics of Iowa Workers Compensation Laws. Here are some of the most common issues that injured claimants run in to.