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Firm Overview

Through my 40 years of criminal practice I have been in two small law firms, but today I am in the solo practice in a building with other lawyers and a small firm, all sharing staff and facilities, made possible by my learning to use a computer so that I can type my own letters and documents. When you hire me, it's me you get.

Example cases

In recent years, my cases have included the following cases: (1) A physician in her 50s lost her temper with a contractor remodeling her house, threw coffee on him and joined in a pushing-shoving match, which led to her prosecution for misdemeanor assault, complicated by a concomitant civil suit for damages and the hazard that any kind of reportable conviction could affect her physician's licensure or her admission to hospital staffs. (2) A man is his 50s, a computer expert, who took his laptop to work for a special project, inadvertently forgetting that it contained a few images of child pornography, which were discovered by another computer expert at the company also tied into the network, which led to the search of his house and his prosecution in federal court for possession of child pornography and the prospect of multiple years in federal prison, although he is a mild-mannered, married homeowner with a grown son and no criminal history except for a minor marijuana case when he was a teenager. (3)A middle-aged businessman from another state who often comes to Texas for consulting work who one Friday afternoon on his way home for the weekend, for no apparent reason, lost his normal faculties while driving his rent car to the airport and was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated after a sample of his blood showed Ambien, a sleeping pill, which he may have ingested by mistake. (4) A teenager accused of fondling his younger stepbrother one weekend when they were both visiting their (common) father.

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Free Initial Consultation?
A prospective client can make an appointment to see me about his case without obligation.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
There are only a few, for things like expunction's and orders of nondisclosure, usually $1,252 to $1,500 plus the filing fees.
Hourly Rates
I charge by the hour in most of my cases. That is unusual for a criminal defense lawyer, but I find it to be fair to both sides. My usual hourly rate is $250 an hour, which has remained the same for the past 20 years. If you divide the fees of other lawyers who charge a fixed amount by the number of hours they spend on a case, their effective hourly rates will often be much more and rarely less. I have learned about how many hours it takes me at a minimum to represent a client in Dallas criminal case. I ask that my clients pay me that in advance as a minimum fee, which is not refundable.

Office Information

Office Hours
I will meet with you anytime, call for an appointment. You can usually find me in the office unless I am in court or have another obligation outside of the office.
Emergency After Hours

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I didn't find criminal law; it found me. Over the months and years that followed my hanging out a shingle, little by little I found my practice narrowing my practice to criminal law. I am now a board certified specialist in criminal law, since 1975, the first-year of the specialization program (which I helped design).

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I encourage my clients to educate themselves on the applicable law. I usually give them copies of the statutes in question, and we discuss them. Sometimes they have questions and observations which give me ideas about how best to represent them.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Yes, but that rarely comes up in criminal law.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

This is not really applicable to my practice, although I have no objection to clients representing themselves, it is not something I usually do.

Vincent Perini

Throughout my legal career, I have been involved in criminal jurisprudence, as a practitioner, as a Bar leader and as a teacher. Early on I was the president of the fledgling Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the first of its kind in the nation. I was the designer of the first ever Advanced Criminal Law course put on by the State Bar of Texas in 1975, which revolutionized continuing legal education in Texas. I served as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University School of Law, teaching criminal trial practice.

I learned by the school of hard knocks. Back then, so-called continuing legal education, what little there was, was of various dubious qualities. There were not many good books either. Necessity being the mother of invention, I began teaching as an adjunct professor at SMU School of Law, "Texas Criminal Trial Practice." And, yes, I learned more than anybody. Then when an opportunity presented itself (the beginning of a specialization program), I designed the first ever multi-day "advanced" Texas course. It enforced uniform high standards for written and oral presentations and is now the backbone of lawyer continuing legal education Texas.

Patience is my strength. Experience -- four decades out of it -- is my expertise. Probably the best thing I do is diagnosis. That is one reason I charge a nonrefundable minimum fee. The first few hours I work on a case, when I meet the client and his family and try to get my arms around the problem, are far more valuable than hours I spend later in the case effectuating the ideas born in the first three hours.

I am a gregarious person. I like people. I can empathize with my clients. I brag that I have never had a client with whom I could not empathize and whom I could not like on some basis, however slight, and that's saying a lot. The other day I read about one of my former clients who is the oldest living resident of Texas's death row.

Personal interests:

I love to read, especially history. I hate to finish a good book. So I usually have as many as a dozen books I am reading at one time.

  • Bar Number: 15782000
    Texas , 1966
  • The University of Texas School of Law
    LL.B , 1966
    Austin, TX
    Hildebrand Moot Court competition winner (best speaker).
  • Yale University
    B.A. , 1962
    New Haven, CT
    Political Science major

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