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Main Office
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Tri-State Disability Advocates is a company owned and operated by a registered nurse, Teri J. Meinzer.
Tri-State Disability Advocates began as I had to leave the long and difficult hours working in the hospital setting because of my own health issues, mainly my back pain.
I found a job in a business atmosphere auditing medical charts. As this was much easier to take physically, I really missed the patient contact and the feeling of helping someone and therefore helping their families as well.
After researching the area of social security disability, I decided to start my own business of helping others through the process of obtaining social security disability benefits.
I began part time while still working full time in my chart auditing job. As the number of people I was helping increased, I felt the need to give more than I could provide while working full time. With my husband's blessing, who is also a registered nurse, we took a leap of faith and I quit my full time job and began devoting my time to this company on a full time basis. It has been quite a journey. The same feeling of fulfillment returned as I became able to meet with clients and learn more of their current health issues, meet their family, and hear their story. Because of my background, I am able to interpret medical records and know what limitations their illness may cause.
Also, I do this for the same reason I worked in the hospital as a Registered Nurse: because I like helping people.
If you would like that personal and caring touch, contact me today for a discussion regarding your health issues and what your options are in regard to obtaining disability benefits.
Visit my website at
I am not an attorney and do not give legal advice. I give my time and knowledge to assist you through the process of obtaining social security disability benefits.
Call or visit my web site for your free consultation.
Thank you,
Teri J. Meinzer, RN

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

As a long time ICU nurse, I wanted to continue caring for others but in a less physically demanding way. I am fortunate to continue to be able to help others with problems stemming from their past or current health issues.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

There are no lawyers working for Tri-State Disability Advocates. This company is owned and operated by a registered nurse. The owner has been a registered nurse for 28 years with the majority of work being in the cardiovascular ICU setting. Because of that background, interpreting medical records is not a chore but a life long dedication to others with health issues.
We do not give legal advice.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The owner has always chosen a career based on helping and caring for others as evidenced by a 28 year career as a registered nurse. We don't have to hire someone to interpret medical records, it is second nature to us.!

Teri Meinzer