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Tony's fee in work comp cases is 5% lower than what other lawyers charge. Indiana law allows a comp lawyer to take 20% of the injured worker's benefits on the first $50,000 paid to the injured worker. Tony's fee is only 15%, rather than the maximum 20% other lawyers take. Please mention NOLO listing to receive the discount. Probate cases can be handled on a flat fee basis, if appropriate.
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Hourly rates for probate and divorce are $200 per hour.

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Workers Compensation
TR West Legal is the only Indiana law firm whose comp cases are handled by an attorney who previously worked for the State's Work Comp Board. Tony is the former Director of Compliance for the Indiana's Workers Compensation Board.
TR West Legal, P.C. is a law firm committed to the values of Indiana's working class. Tony is a former Chrysler employee and UAW union official. Tony's clients are working class people whose values, issues, and lives Tony has lived and can relate to.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Tony went to law school while laid off from his job at Chrysler when Chrysler sold the New Castle Machining and Forge Plant in 2004. He planned to return to his UAW roots in the factory, like his father and grandfather, but he graduated law school before getting called back to work in the factory and decided to stay at Indiana's Workers' Compensation Board where he could have a significant impact on the lives of injured workers. Four years later he decided to put his law license to more effective use by going out and representing injured Hoosiers against employers and insurance companies.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Tony is a working class Hoosier. He worked as a machine repairman before going to law school at that age of 41. He worked and raised two children while earning his Bachelor's degree from Ball State University while working for Chrysler Corp. Other law firms are staffed by lawyers who have never worked in the "real" world. Those lawyers do not bring real world experience to cases involving working class Hoosiers.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

My law firm is not a cookie-cutter law firm that handles cases like an assembly line with paralegals doing 90% of the work to increase the firm's profits. Tony handles the cases himself, with one part-time secretary to help when needed. Tony answers the phone himself.

Tony West

Tony grew up in New Castle, IN in a working class family of factory workers. After high school he went to live in Colorado while in the U.S. Air Force. He returned to Indiana six years later with his wife and children and went to work at Chrysler's oldest factory. Chrysler sold the plant to Metaldyne just as Tony was graduating from Ball State University's Honors College with a magna cum laude degree in English. He attended law school at the I.U. McKinney Law School in Indianapolis and went to work at Indiana's Workers' Compensation Board during his final year of law school. In 2012 he opened his own law practice in Indianapolis.

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