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We pride ourselves on setting the standard of excellence and providing well-researched, creative, competent legal adivce and consultancy to our clients.

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Because our clients rarely present us with one-dimensional problems. Foreclosure cases frequently call on our expertise in bankruptcy law. Defendants in criminal and credit-related cases are concerned with the implications of the outcome on their immigration status. And the issues in our family law practice range from sales of jointly held property, taxes and distribution of assets to restraining orders and criminal defense. Thus, when you are confronted with a complex legal issue, it makes sense to choose a firm that can advise you on ALL relevant aspects of your case.

Our law practices - Bankruptcy, Immigration, Foreclosure, LitigationTouchstone Law Firm, LLC is one of the most respected full-service firms in suburban Washington, DC.

We pride ourselves on setting the standard of excellence and providing well-researched, creative, competent legal adivce and consultancy to our clients.

We focus our practice in the areas of Bankruptcy, Immigration Law, Foreclosure Defense, Family Law, Criminal Law and Litigation and provide legal representation and advice in a wide range of areas to service our business and individual clients.

We provide affordable, quality legal services and personal attention and share a deep commitment to ensuring that our clients' interest is protected. Because we understand Maryland and federal laws so well, we can work with you to develop effective strategies and procedures to deal with the complex issues that face Maryland litigants.
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If you are being pursued by creditors, at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, or facing vehicle repossession, filing bankruptcy can help by stopping all debt collection efforts IMMEDIATELY.
Deciding to file bankruptcy can be a tough decision. However, it should NOT be a decision of last resort. Too frequently, when people find themselves in a complex financial situation, they follow a downward spiral that starts with contacting a credit management agency and ends with a frantic call to a bankruptcy attorney:

1.Bills are piling up; credit card balances are growing every month.

2.A few calls from creditors grow into an avalanche of non-stop harassment.

3.A call to a credit management agency (that inevitably fails to resolve the debtor's credit problems).

4.Threats of lawsuits, repossessions, garnishments.

5.Internet searches for information on bankruptcy (without paying attention to a specific situation, jurisdictional differences, state-specific exemptions).

6.Notice of a foreclosure sale, repossession,

7.A frantic call to a bankruptcy attorney.

Often, when potential clients contact our firm, we advise them NOT to file for bankruptcy protection, or at least wait until they can take full advantage of exemptions, statutes of limitation, and other important timelines that will maximize the benefits and protections available to them in bankruptcy.

We make them aware that certain debts, asset transfers or purchases, sale of business, lawsuits, inheritances and divorces may affect their ability to discharge certain debts and even disqualify them from obtaining a discharge.

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to find this information by searching the Internet. Why? Because EACH state has a different set of exemptions that are available to debtors in bankruptcy. Because finding an excellent article on how to file for bankruptcy in California will do more damage than good to a Maryland resident. Because debtors may not be aware of certain factors that may drastically affect their ability to protect assets in a bankruptcy case.

Similarly, it is NEVER a good idea to wait until you HAVE to file. In our experience, almost every debtor could benefit from pre-bankruptcy planning. When we are faced with an impending deadline a foreclosure auction, a judgment, etc. our ability to maximize the benefits of bankruptcy (and there are many) may be limited.

To summarize, bankruptcy probably should not be the first option. However, contacting a bankruptcy attorney BEFORE your financial problems become unmanageable will give you an ability to make an EDUCATED decision about your financial future.

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Dmtiry Balannik

Dmitry Balannik represents and advises clients in all aspects of bankruptcy law, foreclosure defense law, consumer credit law and immigration law.
Mr. Balannik concentrates his practice in litigation arising within the bankruptcy, creditors' rights and real estate/mortgage servicing context. He regularly represents debtors in bankruptcy cases, foreclosure hearings, and creditor disputes.

Mr. Balannik also represents clients in a broad range of employment, family, civil and criminal litigation and immigration matters.
  • The Catholic University of America
    JD , 2008
    Rockville, MD
  • University of Maryland at College Park
    BS - Finance, DIS, Statistics

Dmtiry Balannik

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