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If you live in California, you probably drivel...lot. Chances are you have received a traffic ticket. In fact, the average California driver receives a moving violation every 18 months. And many will pay the ticket (if they're eligible). Which means points on your license, higher insurance premiums and paying a big fine. There's traffic school but that means paying traffic school fees one to the court and one to the traffic school - in addition to the ticket fine, and not every person or every ticket is eligible. But there is a better way:

TicketBust.com has helped over 50,000 drivers contest their traffic tickets. In over 10 years, TicketBust.com has gained the experience and knowledge to properly prepare your court documents so you can contest your traffic ticket in California using a Trial by Written Declaration.

You may think your situation is unique but we've almost certainly helped someone in your exact circumstance before by using a completely legal California court system procedure that has been available since 1978: the Trial by Written Declaration. With the experience of TicketBust.com behind you, feel confident that your court documents will be completed properly. After all, we have completed over 100,000 Trial by Written Declarations! How many other companies can even come close to that?

Our mission is to help you fight your ticket so you can get it dismissed! Many tickets belonging to our customers have been dismissed or reduced using our service. And for those that aren't, we offer a refund of our Service Fee (subject to terms and conditions). So what have you got to lose besides getting that ticket "busted"!
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