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Alternatives to Jail for First-Time Drug Offenders in New Jersey

Category: Criminal Law, Drug Charges


New Jersey is very tough on drug offenses like possession, possession with intent to distribute, drug trafficking, and distribution.


Timing is Everything for New Jersey Personal Injury Cases

Category: Personal Injury, Personal Injury State Law

Timing is Everything for New Jersey Personal Injury Cases You have rights that deserve protection when you are injured in an accident that someone else caused.


Charges for Leading a Narcotic Network in New Jersey

Category: Criminal Offense, Criminal Offense

If you are charged with being the leader of a narcotic network in New Jersey, you should think twice about representing yourself.


Dog Bites and Personal Injury Claims in New Jersey

Category: Dog Bite Injuries, Animal and Dog Bite

When we think of dogs, we naturally think of them as man’s best friend and oftentimes treat them like members of our families.


Don’t Risk Driving on a Suspended License

Category: Traffic Tickets, Moving Violations

It can happen to the best of us. For whatever reason it might be, whether related to a traffic offense or not, sometimes our New York driver’s license gets suspended.