Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire

Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire

The Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire bring over 30 years of experience to bear on every criminal case it tackles.

Firm Overview

Our criminal defense lawyers and attorneys represent clients throughout the entire state of Michigan, including Flint, Saginaw, Midland, Detroit Metro (including Mt. Clemens, Pontiac, Rochester Hills, Troy, Novi, Southfield, the Bloomfields and all points in between), as well as Central Michigan, Lansing, Jackson and Howell.

Our goal: No Jail!

Our trial and appellate attorneys handle all criminal charges including (but not limited to):

-2nd & 3rd Offense Drunk Driving
-Aggravated and Felony OWI
-Car Accidents
-Child Pornography
-Computer Sex Crimes
-Criminal Appeals and Post-conviction Remedies
-Criminal Sexual Conduct
-Defense of Persons with Mental Illness
-Domestic Assault and Abuse
-Drug Crime Defense
-Federal Grand Jury Proceedings
-Juvenile Defense
-OWI / OUI / DUI Defense
-Probation Violations
-Sex Crime Defense
-Truck Accident Claims
-Violent Crime Defense
-Weapons Offenses
-White Collar Defense
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Criminal Defense
For over 33 years, we have been fighting criminal cases all across Michigan.
Few events can change a life like a criminal charge. And few decisions can change the outcome like bringing in an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

We've won first degree murder trails in St. Joseph, homicide trials in Adrian, criminal sexual conduct trials Lansing, drunk driving trials in East Lansing, domestic assault trials in Novi-and the list goes on.

-Violent crimes like murder and assault
-Criminal sexual conduct, any degree
-Child pornography crimes
-Computer sex crimes
-Possession or trafficking of illegal drugs
-Drug crime defense
-Fraud and financial crimes, obstruction of justice, embezzlement and other white collar offenses
-Pre-indictment client services in federal investigations and grand jury proceedings
-Violations of probation or parole
-OWI/OUI/DUI defense, including felony DUI and repeat offenses
-Domestic assault charges and violations of personal protection orders
-Juvenile offenses, including the defense of minors charged as adults
-Defense of persons with mental Illness
-Criminal appeals
-2nd & 3rd offense drunk driving
-Aggravated and felony OWI
-Criminal appeals and post-conviction remedies
-Petitions for writs of habeas corpus
-Criminal sexual conduct
-Domestic assault and abuse
-Violent crime defense
-Weapons offenses
If you have been arrested on OWI/OUI charges in Michigan, contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.
We've won first degree murder trails in St. Joseph, homicide trials in Adrian, criminal sexual conduct trials Lansing, drunk driving trials in East Lansing, domestic assault trials in Novi-and the list goes on.

At the Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire, our understanding of the complexities of Michigan drunk driving law, together with our ability to protect your right to drive, can make all of the difference in the resolution of the case against you.

We have offices located throughout Michigan and represent clients throughout Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, East Lansing and Kalamazoo.

Under Michigan law, there is no offense formally designated as driving under the influence, or DUI. Instead, our statutes define three different crimes, in increasing order of severity: operating while intoxicated (OWI), unlawful bodily alcohol level (UBAL) and operating under the influence of liquor (OUIL).

Each is punishable by jail, a fine, a license suspension, immobilization or impoundment of the vehicle, community service or a license suspension. In most cases involving a first offense, two days of jail, a six-month license suspension and a fine are the most common penalties.

The penalties for second and third OWI/OUI convictions are much greater than they are for a first offense.
At the Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire, we take an aggressive approach to drunk driving defense and attack the charges on multiple levels. We strive to minimize your exposure to punishment and also to protect your right to drive. We analyze the circumstances of your arrest to see whether the officer had probable cause to pull you over or suspect you of any DUI offense.

Additionally, we make an independent assessment of the blood alcohol tests to see whether any weaknesses in the prosecution's lab work can be identified and presented. In the meantime, we also go to work to protect your right to drive by applying for a hearing for a conditional or hardship license. In some cases, we can negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the charges to careless or reckless driving.

Our lawyers also represent people charged with drunk boating on the Detroit River or any of the Great Lakes or inland lakes and people charged with operating a snowmobile while intoxicated.

Our thorough understanding of Michigan's drunk driving laws and our experience in presenting effective defenses in difficult cases can make a significant difference in the ultimate resolution of your case. For additional information about our ability to represent you, contact us for a free consultation.
Sex Crimes
Do allegations of criminal sexual conduct have you confused and frightened? At the Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire in Michigan, our criminal defense lawyers can help you confront these allegations and clear your good name. Conviction of a sex crime carries serious penalties. A conviction can follow you for life.

Criminal sexual conduct charges are increasing at a high rate in Michigan. Our attorneys provide strong legal support as we fight these charges and protect your rights. We have significant experience representing people charged with types of criminal sexual conduct such as:

-Sex crimes
-Computer sex crimes such as Internet solicitation of a minor
-Possession of child pornography
-Child molestation
-Statutory rape/sex with a minor
-Rape/sexual assault
-Date rape
-Indecent exposure

The Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire fight every step of the way to minimize the consequences these allegations have on your life, your future and your freedoms. Penalties are as follows:

-1st degree offense: up to lifetime imprisonment and lifetime sex offender registration
-2nd degree offense: up to 15 years imprisonment and lifetime sex offender registration
-3rd degree offense: up to 15 years imprisonment and 25 years sex offender registration
-4th degree offense: up to two years imprisonment and 25 years sex offender registration

People rely on our attorneys to provide aggressive defense against serious criminal sexual conduct charges. Contact us today to learn your legal rights and options.

Hillard Fried

The Law Offices of Hillard Fried Esquire Trial Lawyers with main offices in Southfield, Troy, Novi and Lansing. Our attorneys have worked in private practice as criminal defense lawyers, civil defense Lawyers and personal injury Lawyers. Other team members have worked in government, within the Attorney General's Office and other departments and agencies. We also support community advocacy organizations, including groups representing victims with disabilities, brain injuries, closed head injuries, spinal injuries, other serious injuries, including mental illness. Our trial lawyers fight for criminal defendants, while seeking dismissal or reduction of criminal charges. Whether you need a Novi trial lawyer, an Ann Arbor appellate attorney, a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer, a Plymouth lawyer or a Sault St Marie lawyer, one thing is assured: An aggressive criminal defense. We know local procedures because we practice throughout Michigan.

We concentrate on criminal defense and personal injury litigation. On the criminal side, our lawyers represent adult and juvenile defendants in state, federal and appellate court. Our results include a long list of not guilty verdicts, acquittals, dismissals, hung juries and orders to suppress evidence.

Our recent successes in personal injury include settlement on trial day of a Saginaw injury claim for 5.3 MILLION dollars; Settlement of another hotly disputed Grand Rapids area injury claim for nearly half a MILLION dollars, and; Settlement of a Lansing personal injury claim for nearly a quarter of a MILLION dollars.

We do our best to offer reasonable fees in criminal cases at both the trial and appellate levels. We have fought for court orders requiring the state to pay for private investigators and expert witnesses for the defense, to aid our client in building a criminal defense that will win at trial, preliminary examination, or motion hearing.

In accident lawsuits, we represent victims who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents, truck accidents, workplace or construction accidents due to negligence.

Personal injury victims pay no lawyer's fees unless we obtain a settlement or win at trial. Fees come from those proceeds -- ONLY.

Our Michigan criminal defense lawyers and Michigan personal injury lawyers deliver personalized and responsive client service in both criminal and personal injury matters. Phones answered 24/7. Meet an injury lawyer or a criminal lawyer in Southfield, Novi, Troy, Detroit or Lansing offices, or anywhere else in Michigan. Learn about our winning approach to trials and settlements.