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Our attorney's help people in need of Social Security disability benefits. We represent people in Disability Insurance Benefits ("DIB" or "Title II"), Supplemental Security Income ("SSI" or Title XVI"), Widows Insurance Benefits ("DWB") and Children's Supplemental Security Income ("DC") claims. We represens people at all stages of the appeals process including Federal District Court.

The two main adult disability programs are:

1. Disability Insurance Benefits, also known as DIB or Title II benefits
2. Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI or Title XVI benefits.

Our attorneys assist people by representing them through the administrative appeals process in an attempt to obtain Social Security disability benefits. We help claimants by: obtaining evidence; counseling claimant's through the process; educating claimant's on the law and their burden of proof; educating claimants on what to expect at the hearing and what questions will be asked of them at the hearing.

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