The Ottinger Firm, P.C.

The Ottinger Firm, P.C.

Since 1999, clients have counted on Ottinger Employment Lawyers for negotiation, litigation, and compensation against unfair employment practices.

Firm Overview

We resolve employment matters quickly and efficiently. You want to solve your issue and move on with your life. We get right to it. Our first step is gathering the information and documents needed to understand your case. Then we contact the appropriate representative on the other side and begin a dialogue. In some cases, we are able to resolve the matter in a few days. Others take a few weeks and occasionally we start legal proceedings. We don't let cases sit around gathering dust on a shelf. You want an employment law firm that dives into your case with the goal of reaching a fast and efficient result. We are ready to get started.

We represent employees and executives in all industries in New York City and San Francisco. Our employment lawyers advise individuals in matters concerning current and former employers. We assist executives with severance packages, non-compete and employment agreements and also resolve compensation disputes. We help employees in wrongful termination cases (employment discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act, retaliation, sexual harassment, disability discrimination), and wage & hour cases.
Our client wins include class action settlements against formidably large corporations on issues such as wage disputes and discriminatory practices, as well as thousands of cases for individuals facing unfair agreements or working conditions.

We help clients pursue resolution and compensation in a variety of industries, such as finance, entertainment, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, fashion, food service, and most other major industries.

Our team is recognized and known throughout New York and the Bay Area for experience,
professionalism and results. (which is like Yelp for lawyers) reports a top rating for our firm based on client reviews.

We're walking the talk of making client satisfaction our #1 goal.

You'll find us to be one of the most tech-friendly law offices around, and we make it easy for you to work with us through a variety of fee options to meet your needs and ease your stress.
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Main Office
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Workplace Problems Solved Quickly & Efficiently
We help executives and employees resolve workplace disputes. We operate in New York City and California.

We focus on the following cases:
- Severance Pacages
- Non Compete Agreements
- Commission & Bonus Disputes
- Family Medical Leave Retaliation
- Sexual Harassment
- Pregnancy Discrimination
- Wrongful Termination
- Overtime Pay
- Meal and Rest Breaks
- Tips and Unpaid Wages

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Employment law is one of the few areas where lawyers can provide meaningful help to individuals facing powerful opponents. We frequently represent people who are up against giant corporations and use our skill and efficiency to obtain outstanding results. There is nothing more rewarding than that.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our lawyers have a unique combination of skill and drive that produces uncommon results quickly. Our online reviews tell the story for us.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We use a unique system at our firm. We recognize that different skills are needed at each stage of a case. Most firms simply assign one lawyer to handle a case through the whole process. The same lawyer does everything. We don't do that. We send our best negotiators to negotiate, the best writers write our briefs. By using the right people for each task, we get great results quickly.

Robert Ottinger

Robert is an employment attorney who focuses on representing executives and employees in employment disputes. Robert tried his first case before graduating from law school. He was selected by well known trial lawyer and law professor, William Hobbs, to serve in his trial advocacy program at Loyola Law School and conduct jury trials and preliminary hearings as a law student.

Before starting his firm, Robert slugged it out courtrooms trying cases for the government. Robert served as a Deputy Attorney General for the California Department of Justice in Los Angeles and then as Assistant Attorney General for the New York Attorney General's Office in Manhattan. Robert tried numerous criminal, employment and civil rights cases in state and federal court for the government with a perfect record of success.

Robert opened his firm in December of 1999 and initially ran the firm from a small one bedroom apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey. He opened his first real office on John Street in 2001 near the Word Trade Center. When the Word Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001, his office was damaged and sealed off by armed guards. Robert snuck in a side door to get his computer server and key client records and soon opened another office.

Robert does not give up easily. He takes his cases personally and cares about getting the best result possible.


Loyola Law School (J.D., 1991)

East Stroudsburg University (B.A. Economic and Communications, 1986)

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