The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC

The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC

TMBC is a full-service general law practice bringing a hands-on approach to fighting the biggest firms in Ohio for our clients. We treat your legal problems as if you were our family. Your first consultation is always free.

Firm Overview

The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC was founded in Tipp City, Ohio in 2009 by Dr. Mark Bamberger, Ph.D., J.D. Mark came from a scientific background and brings that precision and resilience to solving simple to extremely complex legal problems.

TMBC's focus areas include dissolution/divorce and custody cases, criminal defense (misdemeanors to 1st Degree felonies), general and trial civil litigation, employment law, and environmental/animal law. The Practice does handle other cases as well either as lead or co-counsel. As of March 2018, TMBC has handled in the ball park of 150 dissolution/divorce cases, 50 custody case, 280 bankruptcies, 50 employment or general civil litigation cases, 20 full-scale trials, and 40 employment cases. Dr. Bamberger is admitted to and a Counselor in "Good Standing" in all State of Ohio courts, Federal court for the Southern and Northern Districts of Ohio, all Federal bankruptcy districts, and the Federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

TMBC has four offices around southwestern Ohio: (1) TMBC's Northern Office in Tipp City (serving Miami, Shelby, Preble, Darke, Champaign and Montgomery Counties); (2) TMBC's Southern Office in West Chester (serving Hamilton and Butler Counties); (3) TMBC's Eastern Office in Enon (serving Clark and Montgomery Counties); and (4) TMBC's Central and Billing Office in Spring Valley (serving Clermont, Greene, and Warren Counties).

Our small but experienced staff means lower overhead and therefore savings for our clients over the larger, bulkier law firms. We offer flat fee, hourly, contingent, or hybrid bill options (depending on the case and circumstances) to best serve our client's sometimes tight budgets.

Mark is personally a member of The Ohio State Bar Association, where he was a two-term Chairperson of their Animal Law Committee, and is in the Southern Cruisers (International Motorcycle )Riding Club. He volunteers as general legal counsel for several animal shelters and a wolf rescue and sanctuary.

Mark's loves include his southern belle wife and three daughters, various adopted dogs and cats, long-distance motorcycle riding and traveling on his Honda Goldwing, football, softball, baseball, golf, and, on rare occasions, sleep. Mark's slightly masochistic mantra is "The best reward for a good well-done is more work".

Mark would love to speak to you directly about your legal concerns and can be contacted at 877.644.8181 or via (email is faster).
Main Office
TMBC Mailing Address
PO Box 189
Spring Valley  OH  45370
  • (877) 644-8181
  • (877) 644-0548


Free Initial Consultation?
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Fixed Fee or reduced hourly fee services often offered for dissolution/divorce, custody, criminal defense, employment law, civil and contract litigation
Hourly Rates
ranging from $180-$225/hour for employment, civil, and trial litigation and criminal defense.

Office Information

Office Hours
generally 8:00a to 6:00p, EDT/EST, but on appointment as well
Office Manager
Ms. Lynne Frye (
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Other Offices

Southern Office and Reception Center
9078 Union Centre Boulevard
Suite 350
West Chester,  OH  45069
Eastern Office
41 East Main Street
at The Law Offices of Michael T. Edwards
Enon,  OH  45323
Northern Office
140 East Broadway Avenue
Tipp City,  OH  45371
One of TMBC's prime focus areas is dissolution/divorce/custody work.
TMBC handles a wide range of case work in Ohio and federal courts. This work includes, but might not limited to, dissolution/divorce, custody/guardianship, bankruptcies (Chapters 7 and 13), criminal defense (from minor misdemeanors right up to murder, rape and arson), civil and trial litigation, employment law, and environmental and animal law.

Please feel free to contact us today at 877-644-8181 or via to schedule a confidential and no-obligation consultation with Mark personally. First consultations are ALWAYS free of charge.
Legal Support for OVI, DUI, DWI, FTY, motorcyle charges, and/or DUS in SW Ohio
TMBC provides compassionate and competent legal representation for those charged in Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Champaign, Darke, Miami, or Shelby Counties of SW Ohio. Our experience covers a wide range of traffic offenses, including, but not limited to: OVI, DUI, DWI, Failure to yield, motorcycle charges, or DUS. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Our firm's philosophy is to: (1) look our client/s in their eyes; (2) give them the honest truth about the strengths, weaknesses, and potential outcomes of their case; (3) be honest with them; and (4) never, ever shy away from going up against the biggest government agencies and/or opposing law firms in the Nation.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Mark's scientific background provides him with the insight and resilience to handle the hardest and most complex legal cases.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We offer lower overhead than most law firms to provide savings to our clients. Clients ALWAYS meet directly with the Owner Mark Bamberger; not one of his staff or subordinates. Most law firms cannot say that!

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)

Consider this article for an insight...

Law, Rock, and Motorcycles
Mark J. Bamberger, Ph.D., J.D.
The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC

My main law office has three primary themes; law practice stuff, rock & roll music, and motorcycle models and pictures. It is an odd concoction for some, but not really, if you think of it. The commonality is passion.
I practice law with heartfelt passion for our clients. Lets be clear, I could not afford to do this for free and I do have a fondness for being able to eat and otherwise feed and clothe my family. But at The Mark J. Bamberger, Co., we have a history of taking on cases that might not be the easiest or safest moneymakers. It can be stressful as heck, but personally, I have always liked underdogs. I am a franchise-long Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, for goodness sake! As fair as the American common law legal system can be, it is not really as equal as the scales of justice might infer. Money buys power and influence; no doubt about that. Yet, don't you agree that there is something honorable about the single guy or gal going up against the multi-national corporation; and sometimes winning? We empathize with our clients as much as we can and battle for them. This means I will likely never be rich, but boy do I sleep peacefully at night.
Growing up and coming to age in the 1970's, my soundtrack is steeped in classic rock. I respect jazz, classical, even some hip hop; but I consistently come back home again. It was on when I studied in high school, then college, then graduate school, then law school. It is on these days when I write briefs and prepare for trials and do accounting and paperwork around my offices. You get the point. Having always fought ADHD (we called it "hyperactivity" back in the day), the music always shot down all the distracting thoughts constantly cruising through my brain and thus allowed me to focus on the task at bar. When my daughters became able to distinguish between AC/DC and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and Def Leppard, I knew my job as a parent was done.
I came to motorcycling relatively late in life. Before the age of 40, I had no interest. Then like a light switch, something got turned on in my brain and my heart. I saw one of my vendors coming to meetings on a shiny green 2001 Kawasaki Ninja and, boom, my life changed. This is not hyperbole, and that by the way became my first motorcycle. Other than my family, motorcycling is one of the strongest passions of my life. In just over 13 years I have logged more than 75,000 miles. Two-thirds of those have come in the past three years on my beloved 2000 Honda Goldwing; she's named "The Blue Mistress". Bikers know Goldwings; great big, incredibly well designed and comfy rides that eat up miles like aardvarks gobble up ants. I could write books on the joy of a 3,000-mile motorcycle trip; the freedom, the meditation, the "Carpe Diem". Lets just say that some think about breathing. I think about riding tomorrow; then the day after that.
The commonality is passion. The music ushers me through the pressures of my work life as it does through mile after mile after mile on my bike. The dangers of riding equalize the pressures of a stressful second career; my law practice. In law school I once asked a professor why so many lawyers have drug and/or alcohol problems. Given her academic bent, she could not answer. After starting to practice law as what I thought of as a thoughtful and engaged attorney, it became quite clear. Client problems become my problems. It can be corrosive and engulfing. Away from the practice, some lawyers drink or take too many pills or have affairs. I listen to classic rock and ride my motorcycle.

Dr. Mark Bamberger, Esq.

Dr. Bamberger brings a scientific and technical background to his practice of law. His firm commonly takes on difficult cases; representing the under-represented and individuals against the biggest law firms, corporations, and State and federal government agencies in the country in Ohio and federal trial and appellate courts.

TMBC focuses in the areas of domestic relations (dissolution, divorce, and custody issue), criminal defense, bankruptcy (BK7 and BK13), general and trial litigation, employment law, environmental law, and animal law. He regularly does pro bono work as general counsel for several animal shelters and a wolf rescue and sanctuary.

Mark's hobbies include motorcycle riding and touring on his 2000 Honda Goldwing, golf, softball, American presidential history, finer dining, and occasionally sleep. He dotes on his three daughters and lives in SW Ohio with his southern belle wife, two dogs, four cats, and two motorcycles.

TMBC is always open to free consultations and referrals. We can be contacted via our website (, email at, or through an old-fashioned phone call to our main office at 877.644.8181.
  • Bar Number: OH#0082053
    Ohio , 2007
  • Capital University Law School
    J.D. , 2007
    Mark graduated with two "best in class" awards and five Dean's List awards. He went to law school evenings while supporting a family of three children and holding down a full-time job. Some might find it interesting to hear that Mark passed the Ohio State Bar Exam on his first attempt; which took place within two months of suffering and almost bleeding to death from a near-fatal leg injury and resulting multiple pulmonary emboli.
  • The Union Institute & University
    Ph.D , 1995
    Mark completed a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Political Policy in the minimum allowable time. His 2007 dissertation book was chosen as a "Dissertation of Distinction".
  • The Wichita State University
    M.S. , 1986
    Mark completed his Masters in Geology in the minimum allowable time while working as an adjunct professor during his tenure in Wichita.
  • Miami (of Ohio) University
    B.A. , 1984
    Mark served as President of "MUGS", the Miami University Geological Society, while completing his degree in Oxford, Ohio.

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