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After an Accident or Loss, Your Job is to Heal, Our Job is to Fight for Justice

Have you been injured? Was a loved one badly hurt or killed in an accident or through anothers negligence, carelessness or reckless acts? We can help you get maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other hardships. Our job is to fight for you and your family. Contact us today online, or by telephone toll-free at (888) 2 WIN NOW (888-294-6669) or locally at (212) 697-7383 to speak with a knowledgeable New York City personal injury lawyer. We offer free initial consultations, home and hospital visits, and evening and weekend hours by appointment.

Experienced and Effective New York City Personal Injury Lawyers

The experienced team at The Mandel Law Firm has successfully obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims of personal injury and clients who have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one. When your life has been changed by a motor vehicle accident or medical malpractice, you need an attorney who will stand up against the insurance companies, the trucking industry or the big hospitals in the fight for real justice and real recovery. That is precisely what we do.

When Losing Is Not an Option

"There's both an art and a science to handling a personal injury case successfully. The secret to winning your case is hiring an attorney who understands the science, and practices the art, of winning personal injury lawsuits."
- Attorney Steve Mandel

Our goal in every case is that our clients should never have to worry about money again. You shouldn't have to compromise your medical care or your plans for your family's future because of another's negligence or incompetence. We will fight for your maximum recovery.

We Never Forget the "Personal" in Personal Injury

No matter how serious your injuries are, we know that getting the care and compensation you need may be the most important thing in your life right now. The best approach is one that addresses your unique needs and concerns. We will give you honest answers and caring guidance in fully exploring all your legal options. We will listen closely to your needs and goals to tailor a legal approach that is just right for you.

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When you're injured, your main concern is handling all your financial and medical needs so that you can get on with your life. The most important decision you'll make in the whole process is who you hire as your attorney. You want an attorney with a proven record of success in getting clients full, fair and just compensation.

Contact us today. We will answer your questions and offer you the benefit of our experience in a free initial consultation. If you decide we are the team you want on your side, you will pay no up-front legal fees. We only get paid when we recover compensation for our clients.
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We offer free initial consultations, home and hospital visits, and evening and weekend hours by appointment.
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We only get paid when we recover compensation for our clients.
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Auto Accident
The Mandel Law Firm will get maximum dollar compensation in your New York motor vehicle accident case

How to get maximum dollar compensation in your motor vehicle accident case...

If you've been involved in an accident with a car, truck, or motorcycle, the full extent of your injuries may go undetected for weeks or months, and can lead to massive medical expenses. Whether as a driver or passenger, even if you think your aches and pains are minor, you should call The Mandel Law Firm today for a free initial, no obligation consultation.

There are many elements of potential compensation for injuries if your case involves a motor vehicle. For example, you can get compensation for your:
Pain and suffering
Lost income
Medical expenses
Rehabilitative therapy
Medical equipment and devices
Nursing care at your home
...As well as other losses

For example, Steve Mandel obtained $320,000.00 for a minister who suffered a herniated disk in a car accident, even though he had no income. Ordinarily, you need to show an income to obtain the greatest recovery. Yet even with this obstacle, The Mandel Law Firm was able to obtain an extraordinary result for this client.

Why time is of the essence in a motor vehicle accident case

In any motor vehicle accident case it's essential to investigate the circumstances quickly, preserve evidence, and get expert medical evaluation of injuries. To maximize the compensation you receive, you need an experienced attorney who can analyze the facts of your case. These issues involve insurance coverage, medical history, vehicle ownership, speeding, drunk driving, use of a cell phone, and many other complex issues.

If you were a passenger in a vehicle when an accident occurred and have injuries, you may have a claim against both the driver of that vehicle and owner and driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Winning a case, or negotiating the most favorable settlement possible for you is always the first objective for The Mandel Law Firm. That's why you can feel confident your case is in the best hands for success. And if you're in the hospital or home-bound with injuries and can't come to our office, we can come to you.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Victims of drunk driving accidents have the potential to receive larger settlements than other personal injury accident victims. We may be able to collect punitive damages from the driver or his or her insurance company. Also, we may be able to collect damages from the establishment that sold or gave alcohol to the drunk driver who caused the car crash. Not every lawyer has the skill and experience to fight for maximum recovery and full justice and compensation in these complex and sensitive cases.

Call Us Today for a Free Initial Consultation

If you were injured or suffered the wrongful death of a loved one in an auto wreck, SUV rollover or other type of car accident, contact us online, or by telephone toll-free at (888) 2 WIN NOW (888-294-6669) or locally at (212) 697-7383 to speak with a knowledgeable New York City personal injury attorney. We offer free initial consultations, home and hospital visits, and evening and weekend hours by appointment.
Personal Injury
The Mandel Law Firm will stand up for those who have been injured or lost a loved one and will fight for maximum compensation in personal injury and wrongful death claims

Mandel Law Firm - A Highly Respected New York City Personal Injury Firm

Accident victims are often left with enormous personal and financial hardships, and yet the responsible parties and the insurance companies will often fight tooth and nail to limit, delay or outright deny them the compensation they need. When faced with the prospect of a legal battle, you may be unsure where to turn for guidance, support and aggressive representation that gets results.

A Focus on Winning, A Commitment to Recovery

The Mandel Law Firm is focused on winning maximum compensation for accident victims and those who have suffered serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, due to medical malpractice, or through another's negligence of any kind. Our team of experienced attorneys works hard to hold the person who hurt you and your family accountable. They may think they can avoid the consequences of their actions. We're here to tell them they can't get away with it.

Our promise to our clients is this: We will never lose a case because the other side works harder than us or is more prepared. We will fight for the maximum compensation available and for the ongoing care you need to recover after a life-changing accident leaves you or a loved one with serious burn injuries, a permanent brain injury or another catastrophic personal injury.

Call Us Toll Free at (888) 2 WIN NOW (888-294-6669) or locally at (212) 697-7383 for a Free Consultation.
Motorcycle Accident
The Mandel Law Firm has extensive skill and experience in bike crash cases and a record of producing results for victims and their families

New York City Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you ride a motorcycle or bicycle to get to work or school, for exercise or for pleasure, you have as much right as anyone to use the city streets in safety. And yet every day in New York City, careless car and truck drivers put the lives of innocent motorcycle and bicycle riders at risk by ignoring the law and common sense.

Car doors are flung open in front of bikes. Potholes and other road obstructions are a constant danger. Drivers fail to watch for children on bikes. Innocent people are hurt and killed. It's not right. Someone has to stand up and fight for justice.

At The Mandel Law Firm, we help people who have been injured in motorcycle and bicycle accidents pursue maximum financial compensation and real justice. We have extensive skill and experience in bike crash cases and a record of producing results for victims and their families. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Serious Injuries Require Serious Help in Recovery

Because of the nature of bike accidents, the resulting injures can be severe and catastrophic, including road rash, broken bones, brain injuries, back injuries and spinal cord injuries. Our attorneys have the skill and experience to help motorcycle and bicycle accident victims get the money they need to pay for medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages and the long-term impact that a serious injury can have on their lives.

When a car strikes a child, too often a head injury or other serious or fatal injury is the result. In these cases, we know that we are fighting for more than just financial compensation for one family or justice for one child. We are doing what we can to see that it never happens to another innocent victim and their family.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation

If you were badly hurt or lost a loved one in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, you need a lawyer who isn't afraid of a fight and who won't back down from a challenge. Contact us today online, or by telephone toll-free at (888) 2 WIN NOW (888-294-6669) or locally at (212) 697-7383 to speak with a knowledgeable New York City personal injury attorney. We offer free initial consultations, home and hospital visits and evening, and weekend hours by appointment.
Trucking Accident
The Mandel Law Firm provids experienced and compassionate legal representation to people who have lost loved ones in fatal truck accidents

Hit By a Truck? Need Help To Recover?

Have you been injured or lost a loved one in an accident with an 18 wheeler (tractor trailer) or other type of truck in New York City? You need an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle these cases and who has a record of success in producing real results for trucking accident victims.

We help people who have been injured in trucking accidents get the financial compensation they need. More than that, we fight for justice and to hold negligent drivers and trucking companies accountable. We work hard to send the message that the trucking industry cannot get away with putting innocent drivers and pedestrians in harm's way.

There are many scenarios in which trucks can be involved in personal injury accidents. All of them share one thing in common: the potential to shatter innocent lives.

Semi and delivery truck accidents: If a careless commercial truck driver has injured you, we can help you with all aspects of your personal injury claim. These accidents involve a very specific set of federal statutes that call for the attention of an attorney with focused knowledge of trucking accidents.

Truck drivers injured on the job: Drivers of cars do not always respect the rights of truck drivers, and trucking companies sometimes cut corners when it comes to vehicle safety. If you drive a truck and a careless motorist or other negligent third party has injured you, our attorneys can help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Our lawyers have handled numerous truck accident injury cases and understand the complexities of this area of law. Tragically, due to the sheer speed and mass involved, many of these accidents result in wrongful death. We provide experienced and compassionate legal representation to people who have lost loved ones in fatal truck accidents. You need justice. Let us fight for you.

Contact us today online, or by telephone toll-free at (888) 2 WIN NOW (888-294-6669) or locally at (212) 697-7383 to speak with an experienced New York City truck accident attorney. Your consultation will be free.

Steven Mandel

Like many of the best and most talented litigators, Steve Mandel has a colorful, varied and exciting background. Born and raised on the tough, gritty streets of Brooklyn, Steve worked his way through college and law school as a professional musician and comedian. On stage performance was training that would later serve him well in representing clients. "Nothing fazes me in court," Steve says with a smile. "After doing standup comedy before 3000 people at a hotel, working in front of a judge, or six people in a jury box, is nothing."

Steve feels it is vital to bring the "counseling" aspect back to the practice of law. In guiding people through some of the most difficult and emotional times of their lives, Steve sees each one as a unique individual. To him, clients are always people, not cases. It is for this reason Steve proudly refers to himself as a "Counselor at Law." In fact, the very first two people Steve represented over 26 years ago are still his clients today.

Winning or negotiating the best outcome for his clients is Steve Mandel's number one goal. He believes that balancing solid, thorough case preparation with an innovative, flexible approach brings the greatest opportunity for success. In fact, he is described as "the Picasso of the legal profession," because his special creativity is a proven factor in overcoming obstacles to courtroom victory, and major monetary settlements. "If a lawyer only knows the law, the legislature can repeal everything he knows," says Mandel. Steve has a proven ability to keenly assess each client's situation, and tailor an approach best suited to a successful outcome. For this reason, he has succeeded with what other lawyers might describe as "the un-winnable case."

Steve enjoys frequent guest appearances as an expert legal analyst on Court TV and NBC's Celebrity Justice. He's also appeared in national feature stories on Dateline NBC, CBS' 48 Hours, Geraldo, and MSNBC's On The Money. All major New York newspapers have quoted him extensively as an authoritative source on various legal matters.

Steve is actively involved in community support, volunteering his legal skills to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. In 2005, the New York City Chapter of the MS Society presented a special award to him, in recognition of more than 20 years of dedicated service.

Hard work has always been the cornerstone of Steve Mandel's law practice. He says, "To be a success, you only have to work half a day. It doesn't matter if it's the first twelve hours or the last twelve hours."

Steve is a graduate of Adelphi University with honors, and received his law degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.
  • Bar Number: New York Bar
    New York , 1980
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York , 1981
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    Pennsylvania , 1999
  • Bar Number: U.S. Supreme Court
    , 1985
  • Yeshiva University Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
    J.D. , 1979
    New York, NY
  • Adelphi University
    Bachelor of Arts (Magna Cum Laude) , 1976
    Garden City, NY

James Nemia

The Truth is Powerful

Being able to settle a personal injury case for excellent compensation is always a superior option for a client, than the risk of going to trial. Attorney Jim Nemia is a master strategist in setting the stage for successful settlements, and negotiating great deals for clients.

Jim has a bottom line, down-to-earth approach to the law. "The truth is powerful. The practicalities of things are sometimes much more important than the legalities of things. I look at people's interests. A lot of times you can satisfy a client's interests best with a settlement, where you couldn't with a court verdict or judgment," says Nemia.

Jim's exceptional skills played a crucial role in securing a $900,000.00 settlement in one of the firm's recent medical malpractice cases. In that case, a surgeon severed major veins during what should have been a routine procedure, jeopardizing the client's life and resulting in permanent, serious damage. Jim's careful preparation laid the foundation for this impressive victory.

In fact, Jim has a long history of helping clients win even when the law or fact pattern favors the other side. In another significant $550,000.00 case success involving the wrongful death of a swimmer, he explains, "That was a complex case as far as liability. You may not always have the strongest case, but presentation and preparation are keys to success. Even if the law is not on your side, many times there are ways to win, or to negotiate a settlement that constitutes a win, for your client."

Where do these amazing lawyer skills originate from? Well, you could say the law is in Jim Nemia's blood. He comes from a long line of lawyers, including a father who has been practicing for more than 50 years. His sister, along with a number of uncles and cousins, are also eminent attorneys. Now a successful practitioner himself for almost 20 years, Jim is passionate about getting great results and winning cases for his clients.

Outside of law practice, Jim devotes a significant amount of his free time to charitable activities. Nursing home residents and soup kitchen guests are ever grateful for his family's continual attention and care.

Jim is a Dean's and President's List graduate of the University of South Florida, and received his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University College of Law in New York. An avid athlete and guitarist, Jim enjoys playing guitar with friends, hiking, skiing, tennis, and swimming. He and his wife Yvette have six young children. The values of passion, service and a winning approach to life, which have made Jim's practice thrive, are gifts he's passing along to his kids.
  • Bar Number: New York Bar
    New York , 1989
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York , 1995
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York , 1998
  • Syracuse University College of Law
    J.D. , 1987
    Syracuse, NY
  • University of South Florida
    Bachelor of Arts , 1983
    Tampa, FL

Rafael Gonzalez


Fighter. If only one word could describe attorney Rafael Gonzalez, fighter would be it. Particularly with personal injury cases, it takes a warrior's willpower to win in court.

Born into poverty in a small mountain village in rural Puerto Rico, Rafael came to America when he was just seven years old. Raised on the Lower East Side, he grew up as a street kid in what was then a tough neighborhood, where he learned to survive and live by his wits. He vividly remembers many instances of the police removing dead heroin addicts from the rooftop of the tenement building where he lived.

Whereas these difficult life experiences crush many people, Rafael learned to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations, and turned challenge into success. He takes the same approach to representing clients. "The first thing I do is take the time to hear what it is they want, and then help them see what's possible," says Gonzalez.

After graduating Hunter College in New York City, Rafael was awarded a full tuition free scholarship to Boston University Law School, one of this country's top ten law schools. He excelled there in trial advocacy.

Multi-cultural clients are very comfortable with Rafael, as he too is bi-cultural and bi-lingual. For those who feel intimidated by the legal system, his reassuring manner eases their anxieties and concerns. He calls it "confianza." In Spanish, it means "confidence" and describes a unique kind of rapport, where clients feel comfortable entrusting him with their most important matters. And they do.

If you ask him what accounts for his success, he replies "Preparation. Preparation. Preparation." As fate would have it, many of Rafael's law professors at Boston University were also judges. They drilled the importance of case research, planning and organization into him. It certainly has paid off. Rafael Gonzalez has a 20-year history as a successful trial lawyer.

Rafael's trial skills made a major contribution to a $550,000.00 case triumph for the daughter of a man who died in a tragic swimming accident. "I looked at the evidence and reports, and was able to put together a second-by-second sequence of the events that caused his death. It was the kind of very close reasoning and knitting of facts I like to do, that doesn't leave the other side any room for dispute."

Rafael is a long-time martial arts practitioner of the ancient Fu Jow Pai "Tiger Claw" system of Kung Fu, and is a winner of the Eastern Regional Lightweight Championship. He enjoys competing in chess tournaments worldwide on the Internet, and reading novels by famous authors in Spanish. He is now living the "American Dream" with his wife Farida and teenage daughter.

  • Bar Number: New York Bar
    New York , 1988
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York , 1988
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York
  • Boston College Law School,
    J.D. , 1988
    Boston, MA
  • City University of New York, Hunter College,
    Bachelor of Arts , 1981
    New York, NY

Donald T. Ridley


Regardless of whether it's settled or litigated, every personal injury case at The Law Firm of Steven J. Mandel is prepared as if it's going to trial. Thoroughness is the foundation of success in settlement negotiations and in court.

Don Ridley is an astute architect of winning trial strategy, and provides core preparatory support for the firm's cases. A legal scholar, author and accomplished speaker, Don has practiced law for more than 25 years.

Don has an extensive background in litigating cases in the demanding, high-stakes appellate arena. Having argued numerous appeals, Don's experience and outstanding skills give the Mandel Law Firm a winning advantage in court.

Completely dedicated to his clients, Don takes a personal interest in each case. "If you can help people in trouble, alleviate their problems and let them get on with their lives, that's a nice payback. They feel good about it, and so do I."

Immediately after graduating law school, Don was personally chosen for a two-year law clerkship by the famous federal trial judge and legal author, the Honorable Judge Edward J. Devitt. Only the best and brightest law school graduates are selected as law clerks in the Federal Court system. Researching complex questions of law, and drafting memorandums and legal opinions for the Court, honed Don's skills to the razor-sharp edge that has served clients well throughout his remarkable career.

Noteworthy in his varied trial experience, is success with cases involving patient's rights. His contributions in this area have had significant impact on protecting and furthering the right of patients to refuse unwanted treatment, and to control what is done to their own bodies.

Having worked his way through law school, Don graduated with honors from the William Mitchell College of Law in St., Paul, Minnesota, the alma mater of former United States Chief Justice Warren Burger. While there, he served with distinction as Editor-in-Chief of the school's law review.

As with all the other members of the Mandel firm, family is important to Don. He and his wife Dawn spend much of their free time together, and are actively involved in charitable work in their community. Those in need of help appreciate the compassion, intelligence and devotion they bring to improving the lives of others.

  • Bar Number: New York Bar
    New York , 1985
  • Bar Number: Minnesota Bar
    Minnesota , 1982
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York
  • Bar Number: U.S. District Court
    New York
  • Bar Number: U.S. Court of Appeal
  • Bar Number: U.S. Court of Appeal
  • Bar Number: U.S. Supreme Court
  • William Mitchell College of Law
    J.D. , 1982
    St Paul, MN
  • University of Minnesota,
    Minneapolis, MN

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