The Law Offices of Sonia Suraya Amin

The Law Offices of Sonia Suraya Amin

The Law Offices of Sonia Suraya Amin is a successful law firm practicing nationality and immigration law in California for over 15 years.

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Immigration law is a very complicated and complex area, and only the most experienced immigration lawyers have the skill to effectively represent immigration clients. The immigration and nationality law attorneys at the Law Offices of Sonia Suraya Amin are equipped with a variety of legal strategies to properly represent your unique immigration case. We have been representing clients in various immigration matters, such as:
-Labor Certification/Perm
-212(c) relief
-Waivers of inadmissibility
-Cancellation of removal
-Criminal defendants in immigration court
-Denial of appeals
-Deportation defense
-Fiance visa
-Family/spousal based immigration

We provide a broad range of immigration services to clients. Whether you are a business person, a student, or a family, our California immigration lawyers can help you! Along with our outstanding knowledge of naturalization and immigration laws, we have compassion and respect for our clients. Immigration matters can be very emotional, and it is our goal to have your immigration matter resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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US Citizenship
In the area of immigration law, there are a variety of situations which are considered "problem cases," such as marriage fraud and revocation of family petition.
In the area of immigration law, there are a variety of situations which are considered "problem cases," such as marriage fraud and revocation of family petition.

If an immigrant gets married to a U.S. citizen, he or she will be considered a conditional citizen for two (2) years. The immigrant will become a citizen if the marriage is valid, lasts for at least two (2) years, and the proper paperwork is filed and accepted. If it is found that an immigrant has committed marriage fraud, there is a possibility that the immigrant may be deported.

One form of family based immigration is when an immigrant comes to the U.S. and chooses a relative, who is already a citizen, to be their sponsor and assist in the process of becoming a citizen. There are many situations in which family petitions are revoked, and it is very difficult for an immigrant's family petition to be reinstatement without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

These and other serious problem cases require the assistance of immigration lawyers who have years of experience and have represented a variety of immigration cases.
Every year, many immigrants are unexpectedly and abruptly removed from the United States for various reasons, with no other choice than to return to their country of origin
If you have been removed from the country and want to return, you may seek permission to legally return to the U.S. You must file form I-212 to request readmission to the U.S. This may be done at your time of arrival at a port of entry in the U.S. or in a foreign country before you come to the United States. To ensure that your permission to reapply to the United States is done successfully, you should hire an immigration lawyer to assist in the process of filing the form and any other legal matters that may arise.
Green Card
Naturalization and Appeals
If you are an immigrant who would like assistance preparing for your naturalization proceedings with the INS, you should contact a naturalization attorney from the Law Offices of Sonia S. Amin. There are many requirements which you must fulfill to become a citizen, such as permanent residence in America, the ability to read and write in English, good character, never having been convicted of an aggravated felony, and understanding of U.S. government and history. Our naturalization and immigration lawyers have the knowledge to assist you in all areas of naturalization law, including helping you get ready for the interview, filing legal documents, and developing other strategies that will help you become a citizen of the United States. If you have already applied for citizenship and been denied, our naturalization attorneys are skilled in the area of naturalization appeals and can help you become a citizen!
US Visa
Rescission of Lawful Permanent Resident Status
If you have been accused of fraud related to your immigration to the U.S., including marriage fraud, you may be at risk for rescission of LPR status. If you are a lawful permanent resident facing rescission of your status, this means that your status as a resident can be taken away. All benefits and privileges that are provided to you as a lawful permanent resident will be revoked and you may face deportation or removal from the United States. Revocation of status is a very serious state of affairs and requires the representation of an experienced immigration and naturalization attorney.

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