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Intellectual property is a complex, high-stakes area of the law, especially with ever-changing legal issues surrounding technology and the Internet. Businesses that need help with a patent, copyright or trademark require attention to every detail throughout the entire application process. Protection of trade secrets requires sound legal counsel and effective strategies. And companies that desire to protect or enforce their intellectual property, or defend against cases that have been filed against them, need an aggressive and skilled trial lawyer.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC, provide a full range of intellectual property and CyberLaw services. Our objective is to be a useful resource to our clients, tailoring legal services based on an individual's or business' specific needs and objectives. At our law firm, all members of our legal team have extensive, hands-on experience as an engineer or scientist. By combining legal experience with technological insight, our lawyers can provide unique, effective, and efficient solutions to legal problems that touch on technology.

Whether they are protecting a key invention or fighting off a nuisance lawsuit, clients who retain The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC, in Naperville, Illinois, are treated with honesty and fairness. Our lawyers are quality-oriented and results-driven while charging reasonable rates for highly sophisticated intellectual property representation.
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We offer our services on a fixed-fee basis for both transactional and litigation matters on a case-by-case and client-by-client basis.
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Intellectual Property
World Class Legal Counsel on Patents & Technology
We want to be the most useful resource to our clients that we can be, and we have tailored our services toward that end. Therefore, we provide a full range of intellectual property and cyberlaw services, ranging from patent and trademark prosecution to litigation of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Where we distinguish ourselves, however, is in the depth of technological experience that we offer. Our attorneys really understand technology, and that can make all of the difference if you want to protect a key invention or fight off a nuisance lawsuit.

For example, our firm has defended numerous file sharing lawsuits. While other attorneys who are not familiar with Federal Court procedures and the underlying technology behind BitTorrent, we have been extremely successful in obtaining successful resolutions for our clients.

Please feel free to examine the services page of our web site for more information on us.
World Class Legal Counsel on Patents by Technology Experts
Patents have continued to become ever more important. There are numerous examples of companies that have introduced disruptive technologies, only to have competitors reverse engineer their products and drive them under with knock offs at discount prices. There are also a few examples of smart companies that have managed to keep their competitors at bay. The difference, of course, is that the smart companies had great patents that they aggressively enforced.

A great patent starts with understanding the underlying technology. Most patent attorneys never actually worked in industry, and for the few that did, it is usually limited to a few semesters of work-study, with a large company where they spent most of their time getting coffee for the real engineers. Many of our attorneys have extensive experience in industry, where they designed and worked on cutting-edge projects. This allows them to actually understand your invention, as well as the various technologies that your invention may interact with.

However, understanding the underlying technology is not enough. A patent prosecutor must also understand the ever changing law that governs patent enforcement, as well as the strategies that litigators have tried in the past and are likely to try in the future to invalidate patents. All of our patent prosecutors frequently interact with our patent litigators, and, in fact, many of our patent prosecutors are also accomplished litigators. By actually litigating cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, our patent attorneys stay on top of the latest legal developments and help formulate the leading strategies of patent litigators.

For example, acquiring patent protection for software innovations requires special expertise. Recent court decisions have imposed restrictions on what constitutes patentable subject matter. In addition, while many other innovations derive their novelty from structural or compositional traits, software innovations usually derive their novelty from function. All of this combines to make software patents a difficult area to navigate - a mistake by your patent prosecutor can turn what should be a valuable software patent into a worthless piece of paper with a pretty ribbon on it. For example, the Federal Circuit recently ruled that a popular way of claiming software inventions (Beauregard claims) was actually invalid.

We have extensive experience prosecuting software patents, and we understand how to navigate all of the different requirements to ensure that your invention actually receives the protection that it deserves. Not only that, we stay abreast of the current trends in the law - we stopped using Beauregard claims well before the Federal Circuit ruled they were invalid.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Our firm was started by attorneys who had previous careers as engineers and computer scientists, so concentrating on Patents, Copyrights, and CyberLaw was a very natural starting point. Over time, clients came to us with other Intellectual Property issues, such as trademark issues, and trade secret issues with former employees or employers, and we expanded our practice to accomodate our clients' needs. Finally, we have had multiple clients who have faced lawsuits over IP issues, but whose insurers refused to cover the incidents. Handling our clients need for insurance coverage was another natural extension of the services that we provide.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our attorneys have had previous careers as engineers and computer scientists. In many cases, a legal matter involving patents, copyrights or some other area of the law deals directly with a technology that one of our attorneys worked with in a previous career. This provides an enormous advantage in terms of the amount of time we need to spend becoming familiar with a technical issue, and allows us to provide our services at a much more reasonable cost than other firms.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Our focus on a client's best interests, our use of technology to deliver our services with greater efficiency, and our attorneys' technical backgrounds.

Konrad Sherinian

Konrad Sherinian is an experienced and highly successful litigator and intellectual property attorney. He is the founder and managing partner of The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, a thriving litigation and intellectual property boutique. Prior to founding this firm, Konrad represented clients with Cook Alex and the Law Offices of Eugene M. Cummings, P.C.

He has represented numerous plaintiffs and defendants in various commercial disputes, with a focus on those involving intellectual property and technology, and has established an extraordinarily successful track record. Konrad immerses himself in every matter that he handles, and focuses on fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each case. His prior career as an engineer and technologist gives him a distinct advantage over less technical attorneys. He is particularly effective in his ability communicate the strengths and weaknesses of a technology case to the judge and jury.

Konrad is the present co-chair of the ABA
  • Bar Number: 6290749
    Illinois , 2006
  • The John Marshall Law School
    Juris Doctor , 2006
    Graduated summa cum laude, Order of John Marshall, Staff Editor of Review of Intellectual Property Law, Howard Markey Scholar
  • Case Western Reserve University
    Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics , 1993
    Graduated cum laude

Edward Bi

An accomplished intellectual property attorney, Edward Bi has extensive experience in patent law, copyright law, trademark law, Internet, computer software, computer systems, wireless communication, and other areas.

At The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC, he conducts both patent and trademark prosecution for numerous clients in different technology and product areas. Working with other attorneys, he currently litigates multiple patent and copyright cases. Edward fiercely fights for his clients
  • Bar Number: 6305484
    Illinois , 2011
  • John Marshall Law School
    Juris Doctor , 2011
    JD Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
  • Northern Illinois University
    M.S.C.S. , 1993
    Masters Degree in Computer Science
  • Peking University
    B.S. , 1988
    Bachelors Degree in Mathematics

Thomas Paulius

Thomas D. Paulius joined the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian in September 2012 as of counsel. Tom has been practicing intellectual property law for over 30 years and counsels clients in patent, trademark and copyright matters, including intellectual property litigation and patent validity and infringement studies. He has extensive experience in prosecuting patents and trademarks, having drafted 364 issued utility and design patents to date.

Tom concentrates his patent prosecution in the fields of mechanical and electrical technology, food processing and consumer products, drawing extensively upon his experience as Associate General Counsel at Molex Incorporated, where, in addition his patent prosecution duties, he trained patent engineers and counseled Asian divisions on patent procurement strategies. As such, he works with manufacturing and processing clients on developing internal strategies for patent acquisition and maintenance. In instances where patent applications are rejected repeatedly by a Patent Examiner, Tom prepares and argues appeals for his clients before the Board of Patent Appeals in the U.S. Patent Office. Tom implements creative solutions for his clients, sometimes utilizing unorthodox strategies, such as filing and obtaining design patents on processed foodstuffs. These creative approaches have earned Tom an AV rating by his peers from Martindale-Hubbell.

His nuclear power plant engineering experience was particularly helpful in representing numerous Midwestern municipalities and utilities in defending them against claims of infringement of a biofouling prevention patent that gained notoriety in the early days of the zebra mussel invasion of the Great Lakes. Tom lectured at biofouling prevention conferences, domestic and foreign, on the problems that certain patents posed to the utility and manufacturing industry.

Tom works with trademark clients to develop unique house brands for use as trademarks and implements smart trademark adoption procedures for clients in order to avoid the common mistake of selecting of unregisterable marks that are either descriptive or geographical in nature. For clients that are injured by overseas infringers, Tom works with U.S Customs in order to detain infringing goods at their ports of entry.

Lastly, Tom is also a freelance editorial photographer that has worked on assignment with a number of Chicagoland newspapers and magazines, as well as national print and electronic magazines, concentrating on high school and NCAA sports. His editorial photography experience gives him a particular insight as to problems and pitfalls that artists and photographers encounter in protecting their works, and he has represented university photographers in their contract negotiations with universities.
  • Chicago Kent College of Law
    Juris Doctor , 1982

Frank Young

Frank Young joined The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian to bolster the firm's litigation practice. He gained invaluable litigation experience as a law clerk for the Honorable Denise K. LaRue, United States Magistrate Judge in the Southern District of Indiana, and a research attorney for the Michigan Court of Appeals.

As a law clerk, Frank provided legal advice and research on pretrial and discovery matters, as well as a wide range of substantive legal matters. As a research attorney, he worked on more than 200 appeals, half of which involved civil or administrative cases. Frank has expertise in a number of practice areas, including commercial litigation, employment law, property disputes, and appeals.

Before entering the legal profession, Frank worked as a graphic artist in both print and new media.
  • The John Marshall Law School
    Juris Doctor , 2006

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