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Risks of "Independent Contractor Game" and Workers Compensation

Category: Compensation and Benefits, Workers Compensation Laws

If an employer hires a worker as an independent contractor just to save on workers compensation premiums, injuries on the job can cause serious legal issues.


Converting Accident Injuries to Dollars – How is that done?

Category: Car Accident Claims & Injuries, Accident Claims

What is my Injury Case worth?


Alaska Can Be a Dangerous Place to Ride Motorcycles – Protect Yourself!

Category: motorcycle accident claims, Car Accident Claims, Accident Claims, Alaska

Alaska has its fair share of motorcycle accidents. The short riding season contributes to the danger. Left over sand and gravel from winter road maintenance frequently contributes...


Options for Dealing with Property Damage Insurance Claims

Category: Homeowner Liability & Landlord Responsibility, Insurance Claims

There are four options for dealing with property damage insurance claims: 1) forget about the loss and cover the damages out of pocket, 2) submit...


Self Representation: Effects of a Settlement and Other Challenges

Category: Settling an Injury Case - What to Expect, Personal Injury Claims, United States

I have received many calls from accident victims who are repesenting themselves.  One common question is  "want happens if I settle...


Serious Injuries, Inadequate Insurance. What Do You Do?

Category: Car Accident Insurance Settlements, Auto Insurance Issues, United States

All too often accident victims are faced with serious injuries caused by a person with no insurance or inadequate insurance.  Alaska law requires all drivers to have at least $50,000 in liability...


Workers Compensation Law is very different than Personal Injury Law

Category: Employment, Workers Compensation Basics

Many injuried people do not know the difference between Workers Compensation law and Personal Injury law.  There are many differences, some of which are summarized in this article.


Impoving the Odds of Full Recovery For Your Personal Injury

Category: Personal Injury, Personal Injury Litigation

Many people who are involved in an accident do not seek medical attention promptly or adequately document the facts of how the accident occurred.  Consequently, if they have to file an insurance claim...