Livingston County Disability Lawyer

Livingston County Disability Lawyer

We are a small but focussed firm specializing in Social Security Disability and SSI. We have helped hundreds of people obtain benefits in Southern Michigan. We will work hard for you if you hire us.

Firm Overview

This firm was started over 20 years ago and has specialized in Social Security Law for over 10 years. There are two attorneys, D. Louis Weir and Tara L. McKenzie who do nothing but social security work.

The attorneys and staff support treat every case with care and intelligence. As a result, we have a very high sucess rate. Even if you have been turned down once (or more) for benefits we often can win your case.

Main Office
The Law Offices of D. Louis Weir, P.C.
7990 Grand River Avenue, Suite A
Brighton  MI  48114
  • 810-227-1300

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Social Security Disability and SSI are natural areas for our firm. We have a lot of experience with medical proofs in court. We also treat each client as an individual. It is in our "DNA" to try to win benefits for our clients,and we are very sucessful.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Very few attorneys in our state attend the national conferences for our speciality. Perhaps about 10. Lou Weir and Tara Mckenzie are regularly attend local secion meetings and NOSCCR meetings. This allows us to keep up with the latest changes in the law.

Mr. Weir has been working with medical proofs for many years and has take sworn statements on cases hundreds of times over the years. This gives a detailed understanding of medical proofs.

Ms. McKenzie has worked for over ten years as an attorney for experts in engineering design. Her attention to detail has translated perfectly to Social Security Law

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We take each case "one at a time". At some firms you might be a number, but at our law firm we take the time to develop your case to give you the optimal results.

This law is not just about money, but about dignity. We understand that most people would much rather be working than trying for benefits. But if you need this service, we understand that you need someone working hard for you.

When you come to us, it is usually with a feeling of failure. Perhaps you've applied to Social Security and been turned down. If we take your case, we believe that you are entitled to benefits and we will do what it takes to present your case.

Once you are sucessful, you and your family will have more financial security and more dignity. You have worked hard all your life and now deserve some help with your finances and your medical care.

Everybody at our office is primed to give you the help you need to succeed. We do not have a phone tree, and you will usually have your questions answered on the day that you call our office. We love to see people succeed in their cases.

Louis Weir

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