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Immigration Law
I am a solo practitioner who works personally with all of my clients every day of the week and at all times of the day.
I offer immigration law consultations out of my office located in downtown Chicago. I am a very unique lawyer because I offer my clients highly personalized service. I answer all of my own phone calls and e-mails. My clients are always impressed with not only my knowledge of immigration law, but my ability to be available to them at all times. Please, give me a call now so I can show you how a good lawyer does business. Do not be tricked by big firms that makes guarantees. There are no guarantees in the law. The most any lawyer can do for you is fight as hard as possible, push the government, and make all the right moves on your behalf to get the best outcome possible in your case. I am a lawyer who will be very honest with you about your case, and speak to you with dignity and respect, no matter your immigration situation here in the United States.

Yo estoy ofreciendo consultas en mi oficina ubicada en el centro de Chicago. Yo les doy a todos mis clientes representacion muy personalizada. Yo contesto mis propios telefonos y mensajes. Mis cliente siempre se impresionan con no solo mi conocimiento de la ley de inmigraction, sino tambien mi habilidad de estar disponible en todos momentos. Por favor llameme ahora asi que puedo demostrar como un buen abogado. No sea enganado por otras oficinas que echan promesas y garantizas! Nada es prometido bajo de la ley. Lo mas que un abogado puede ser es luchar, empujar, y hacer los movimientos legales correctos para ganar un fin favorable en su caso. Soy un abogado que siempre le mostrara respecto y honestidad, no importa su estatus migratorio aqui en los Estados Unidos.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I have been dedicated to immigrants ever since my first year of law school. I decided that my passion for the Hispanic community, as well as for the legal profession, could be best served by going into immigration law. Today, I help people get their green cards, citizenship, work permits, and other immigration papers.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

My language ability has always set me apart from other lawyers. Starting at a very early age, I worked tirelessly to teach myself Spanish. Doing so gave me a better understanding of the people of the world, as well as of my own native language, English. I use my language skills every day to better understand my clients' goals and hopes for their case and their life.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I am a solo practitioner that answers all of my own phones and messages. I handle every case back to front, personally. you will not find yourself working with a paralegal, speaking with an assistant, or wondering who your lawyer is. Plus, I work with a high degree of honesty that shines through in all of my interactions with my clients.

William McLean

Thank you for reading my biography. Let me please take a few moments to introduce myself. I grew up in Ocala, Florida with my parents, Martie and Billy McLean. My father is a worker's compensation attorney and my mother is a retired actor and teacher. I have one younger sister named Ollie McLean who is a writer.

I went to Vanguard High School in Ocala, Florida, where I was a four-year varsity wrestler at 160 pounds. I graduated Cum Laude in 2003 and then attended New York Univesity. In college, I majored in Journalism and Spanish. I then attended Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida, where I focused my efforts on immigration law.

I was a member of the Florida Coastal Immigrant Rights Clinic for two years under the guidance of Ericka Curran, a practicing immigration lawyer. After law school, I took and passed the Florida Bar exam. I also took and passed the Illinois Bar exam.

After the Bar exam, I practiced immigration law with the Law Office of M.A. Ramos and Associates in Laredo, Texas. This was exciting because I was truly on the cutting edge of immigration law, practicing on the border of the United States and Mexico.

After working with Mr. Ramos, I was able to get a job with another large immigration firm near Chicago, Illinois. After working very hard for several months with my large firm, I decided that my only real boss could be me. So, I "hung my shingle" and opened my own office in downtown Chicago on the Loop!

Now, I work every day, but I am happy to. I get to help my own clients and carry all the responsibility that comes with having your own office. I am really enjoying every minute of it.

I live Chicago in the Uptown neighborhood. I have a dog, Honey, and a girlfriend, Cindy. Please call me with any questions about your immigration law matter, and it will be my pleasure to help you. Thanks again!

William G. Mclean III

William G. Mclean III

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