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We specialize in getting you back to the things that matter most. Let us worry about your case, so you don’t have to.

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We understand that legal matters can be complex and confusing, but our firm will be there to walk you through each and every phase. Stephen M. Corby and his staff have the necessary skills and experience to help you take your legal matters from start to finish.

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We focus on talking to you, not at you. It
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Free Initial Consultation?
$50 for a 1 hour consultation with a real attorney.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
For most family law matters we cannot do fixed fees, however we can in certain instances. Most of our immigration cases are based on fixed fee pricing and are very reasonable.

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Child Custody
Nothing is more important than your children's well-being.
Physical Custody is literally where your children are physically living just like it sounds. Physical Custody can be defined in many ways and may vary from family to family. There is no standard parenting schedule. Consider your children's needs and routines that have been established for them. Consider your roles in their lives. Every other weekend may not work in your family. Our law firm is happy to explore these options with you.

Legal Custody is who makes decisions for your children. If your oldest child needs braces or you have decided to change your family's religious preference, can you make that decision for your children without the other parents consent? This type of decision-making power, along with issues such as which parent will decide the children's educational future is known as legal custody.

In the course of your life, you have probably heard a lot about joint vs. sole custody. These terms can be confusing for even the most advanced litigant, and as with most things in family law, there is no set legal definition for either of these terms. However, there are certain standards by which an experienced family law attorney can help guide you.

The Law Office of Stephen M. Corby can help.
This can be a confusing and emotional time. Let us be your partner.
Divorce and family law proceedings can be one of the most traumatic and stressful situations most people face. With the emotional strains involved in the process, it can be difficult to make rational and objective decisions regarding your proceedings. Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced attorney who will shoulder your legal burden to give you the room you need to address your family's emotional needs.

The difficulty of these issues is often more complicated by not having all of the answers about this process. Part of our expertise enables us to assist you looking out not only for your interests, but the interests of those most important to you. Call us today and let us help you with all of these areas: Divorce, Separation Agreements, Equitable Distribution, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, or Annulments.
Immigration Law
Don't put your family at risk by representing yourselves. We care.
Immigration laws change frequently, and whether you are seeking a green card, citizenship, or representation in deportation/removal proceedings, it is crucial that you contact an attorney. We are dedicated to keeping families together because we know how painful the separations caused by distance can be. There are many different ways to obtain a visa that you may not be aware of. Whether you need assistance in obtaining lawful entry into the United States or are faced with a deportation/removal proceeding, we are here to help.

Please call us today if you need legal assistance with any of the following: Green Card/Permanent Residence Petitions for Spouses, Parents, Children, and Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens, Green Card/Permanent Residence Petitions for Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents, Naturalization, Removal/Deportation Proceedings, Adjustment of Status, Waivers, and Visas for Victims of Crime/Battered Spouses.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Helping families stay together is our main goal. We handle every aspect of the law that can affect you or your loved ones. Child Custody and Immigration have one common theme, the law is getting involved in your life, and you need protection from that.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

All of our lawyers have a large amount of experience in court. The firm's founder, Stephen M. Corby, coaches trial team at the local law school. He teaches upcoming lawyers how to represent their clients in the courtroom and out of it. You can feel safe knowing that your case is safe in our hands.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We aren't afraid to fight for your interests. Unlike other law firms who might be scared to go to court, or don't know how, our experience shines true for our clients. Also, we will always be upfront and honest about the costs associated with your case. If we think a case will be very costly, we let you know in the beginning. We wont charge you to waste your time down the road.

Stephen Corby

Stephen Corby is the Founder and Managing Attorney at The Law Office of Stephen M. Corby. He grew up in Fort Mill, SC and has stayed in the Charlotte area throughout his educational and legal career. He attended college at the University of South Carolina Upstate and then went on to graduate law school from the Charlotte School of Law.

Having argued in front of over 500 judges and attorneys Stephen has the necessary skills to help you take your legal matters from start to finish. He captained his law school's trial team and led them to become one of the top four teams in the country. He has worked in both the Mecklenburg County Public Defender's office and Union County District Attorney's during his time in Charlotte. Stephen is very familiar with the legal community in this area and can help guide you through the complicated hurdles the law presents.

In Stephen's free time he coaches the Charlotte School of Law's Trial Teams where he teaches new lawyers how to excel in the courtroom. He also volunteers at Safe Alliance, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence.
  • Bar Number: 43580
    North Carolina , 2011
  • University of South Carolina
    B.S. Criminal Justice , 2008
  • The Charlotte School of Law
    J.D. , 2011

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