The Law Office of James W. Winslow

The Law Office of James W. Winslow

Firm Overview

From traffic tickets to murder, all we do is criminal defense.

An arrest for a crime does not mean that a conviction is imminent. Our experience at The Law Office of James W. Winslow, P.C., in Newburgh, New York, allows us to assess each case and determine the best route for you. Clients, prosecutors, and peer attorneys know that we will not hesitate to take a case to trial if it is in our client's best interest. For all of our clients, we are aggressive advocates and vital sources of information. Listed below are various resources on criminal charges for your review.

Criminal Defense - An Overview

When fighting criminal charges, you want a lawyer and advocate on your side willing to go all the way to trial if it provides the best outcome. At our firm, we work hard on behalf of our clients. We will not hesitate to litigate their criminal matter in court.

Our criminal-justice system can be overwhelming and frightening. The United States' incarceration rate is much higher than that of other industrialized countries. Prison sentences are getting longer and more frequent. If you face the possibility of being accused of a crime, contact an experienced criminal-defense lawyer as early in the process as possible, preferably even before questioning or investigation. A skilled attorney from The Law Office of James W. Winslow, P.C. in Newburgh, NY, can fight for your legal and constitutional rights. Remember that if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, the government may have to provide one for you.

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James W. Winslow

handles all CRIMINAL MATTERS from traffic tickets to murder. In the past several
years, alone, he has tried cases throughout New York State involving murder,
kidnapping, rape, robbery, burglary, sex abuse, criminal use of a firearm, drug
possession and sale, enterprise corruption, embezzlement, internet child
pornography trafficking and DWI.

Jim was born May 14, 1948
in Kingston in the beautiful and hisotoric Hudson Valley region of New York. His
dad, William, and mom, Marjorie, raised three children in all. Jim is the
oldest. He completed his early formal education through secondary school when he
graduated from Kingston High School in 1966.

His early extracurricular
interests involved the outdoors. He played Little League and Babe Ruth League
baseball and CYO basketball. He joined the Cub Scouts and, later, the Boy
Scouts. Eventually, he achieved the Scouts' highest awards, becoming an Eagle
Scout and being accepted into the Order of the Arrow. Scouting introduced him to
hiking and camping endeavors he continues to this day.

He graduated from college
in 1970 at the height of the Vietnam War. His activities at Albany State
University (now called SUNY Center at Albany) were diverse. He played
intercollegiate basketball and lacrosse.  As he did in
high school, he became the sports editor of the college's twice weekly
newspaper. He was elected to the college student government and served on the
university's athletic advisory board. He was a member of Sigma Tau Beta social
fraternity. In his senior year, Jim was chosen to appear in Who's Who in
American Universities and Colleges and was one of only thirteen elected to
Albany's traditional social honor society, MYSKANIA.

After graduation, he served
two tours of duty in the Vietnam combat zone as the navigator of a naval
destroyer.  Although firmly against the war, Jim refused
to avoid military service. Even so, he has fond memories of the heroic young men
who served with him and will always recall with pride his responsibilities and
successes in guiding the warship on which he was stationed across oceans and
from port to port using, only, the ancient tool, the sextant, to calculate
sunlines and the position of the stars. Between college and law school, Jim also
spent valuable time and gained immeasurable life experience that he has utilized
in his law practice while serving as a probation officer and a drug abuse

At Brooklyn Law School, he
was admitted to the Moot court Honor Society and was employed during his final
two years of study as a trial preparation assistant at the Manhattan (New York
County) District Attorney's office. Following graduation in 1980, he accepted a
position as an Assistant District Attorney in the New York County District
Attorney's office, gaining substantial trial experience in the nation's premier
prosecutor's office. That experience has served him well in his years as a
defense attorney.

He understands the
prosecutorial function and knows how prosecutors carry out their duties.
Consequently, he is able to advise his clients with a rare, well-rounded
understanding of a process many of his clients are going through for the first
time. Likewise, at trial, there is nothing that can surprise him. His
experience, his reputation for trustworthiness and his successes in the
courtroom have won him the respect of his fellow defense attorneys, prosecutors
and judges everywhere. Although Jim has litigated many cases in the areas of
negligence including automobile accidents and medical malpractice, divorces and
family law issues as well as civil suits involving business disputes of all
kinds, since 1997, he has concentrated all of his professional efforts on his
first and enduring love in the law: criminal defense. He is committed to the
protection of the right