The Law Office of Brian J. Lockwood, LLC

The Law Office of Brian J. Lockwood, LLC

The Law Office of Brian J. Lockwood, LLC is dedicated to defending and preserving the rights of the accused.

Firm Overview

Since 2000, our practice has focused exclusively on criminal cases, criminal appeals, traffic infractions and juvenile matters. We have handled literally thousands of criminal matters ranging from minor infractions to capital murder. Our philosophy is simple: we provide thorough, zealous advocacy to help our clients reach their legal goals.

Ala.R.Prof.Conduct 7.2(e): "No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers."
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Criminal Defense
We stand with our clients against the power of the State.
People accused by the State face a huge burden, one which can impact their lives for years or even decades. Jail or prison time, fines and court costs are only the start. With a few clicks of the mouse, prospective employers, colleges, lenders and others can and will check your criminal background.

It is essential to fight every charge, every time. Changes in the law make it essential to give yourself every advantage.

Some cases should be tried, others settled. Each case is unique and deserves careful consideration. Never - ever - face the State alone.
A DUI/DWI charge is a serious legal matter requiring serious, experienced representation.
Since 2000, we have handled hundreds of DUI/DWI cases. There are very few areas of law where facts, science and social attitudes collide into a perfect storm like DUI/DWI. There is no such thing as an "one size fits all" defense. Each case is unique, and requires a different approach. Very subtle differences can mean the difference between being found guilty or being found not guilty.

Never face a DUI/DWI charge alone. A conviction for First Offense DUI/DWI will cost a motorist approximately $8,000 - $10,000 (or more) over five years. Each subsequent conviction costs more and more. The stakes are too high to deny yourself every advantage when facing the State.
Sex Crimes
No other type of accusation carries the same consequences as a Sex Offense.
Accusations of Sex Crimes carry with them unique challenges requiring training, experience and dedication. Convictions can require registration as a sex offender, a stigma that haunts the defendant for the rest of his or her life. Frequently, the case comes down to "he said vs. she said." Other cases require functional knowledge of DNA, including both its strengths and weaknesses. Absolute determination of all the facts is essential to an adequate defense. Usually, expert witnesses provide key pieces of the puzzle for the jury. A conviction will ruin your life.

Knowing the evidence, and what that evidence means, is only a start. Get an experienced defense attorney on your side and never face the power of the State alone.

Brian J. Lockwood

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